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Thinking about how to not put extra pounds while stuffing yourself with your favorite food? Ketonic diet might just be the solution. Strategizing your holiday feasts around the keto diet plan can be very effective.

The low-carb, high-fat diet, helps you reduce weight and improve your overall health, according to 20 studies. Ketogenic diet helps lose 2.2 times more weight than a calorie-restricted diet. Not only does it reduce the overall body mass, but also improve healthy conditions such as, type 2 diabetes and cognitive decay.

The diet requires reduced intake of carbohydrates, replacing it with fat. This transformation puts the human body in a metabolic state, called ketosis.

“Switch to a high fat ketogenic, or keto diet. It signals our body to burn stored up fat for energy, rather than carbs. Change fats, with carbohydrates or eliminate desserts and starchy foods like sweet potatoes, yams, or pies and ice cream and replace them with vegetables. This approach allows you to feel full, without having to eat carbs, sugar or starch,” explains DietDoc’s medical director, Dr Nishant Rao.

DietDoc also provides customized diet plan for people trying to minimize the after-effects of carb indulgence, or looking for a weight loss program. The food chart helps mitigate the effects of a high-calorie meal. The Keto diet is ideally coupled with intermittent fasting for best results.

DietDoc plans are typically keto, low carbohydrate, low calorie, including vegetarian options when necessary. The physicians work closely with individuals, examining their medical history and weight-issues, and suggest diet accordingly. Meals are crafted, keeping in mind each patient’s age, gender, activity level, food preferences, and nutritional needs.

Some of the DietDoc’s patients reported major weight loss by following the unique, doctor-designed diet. On an average, 92% success rate is observed when people rigorously followed the doctor’s recommended routine.

For easy consultation and assistance, patients can reach out to and get immediate response from certified physicians after completing a comprehensive form, comprising medical questions. The option of a more personal, no-cost consultation is also provided at DietDoc.


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