Our canine friends are known to be meat-eaters since the beginning of time. V-dog is set to turn them towards veganism, promoting cruelty-free dog treats

Giving dog food a vegan makeover, V-dog introduces vegetarian holistic diet for dogs to consume, and thrive on. Although for years dogs have been known to feed on meat, and bones, the company visualizes to create a unique place for itself in the market with its unconventional products.

To help promote vegan meal plan for dogs, the San-Francisco based dog food company has recently hired Orange Orchard, a global public relations agency.

We were in search of an agency that could not only help us promote our vegan dog food, but also cared about a compassionate, healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle,” said Lindsay Rubin, vice president at v-dog. “Heather and her team at Orange Orchard not only had the same values we look for in our business partners, but also demonstrated to us their industry and public relations expertise to bring v-dog to the forefront of dog lovers around the world.”

The agency will help garner the new business idea as it is an animal-friendly, and environmentally conscious brands, to promote its vegan and cruelty-free dog food, and treats.

To diminish the muzzling power of the meat industry, and to increase the use of plan-based healthy supplements, the brand is all set to capture the world market pertaining to dog diet, and nutrition.

But a more thought- provoking question that comes to our minds is- Can Dogs Become Vegetarians?

Having flesh eating predators as their ancestors, can dogs really turn towards plants for satiating their hunger? Kibble made from high protein from plant-based foods, is a more environmentally friendly option, but dogs may prove to be incompatible with the diet source.

Asking pet owners, there were diverse opinions on what they thought about the brand’s approach.

“Even if you buy human grade meats, the steaks, ribs and poultry parts once had hooves, brains, testicles, beaks, feathers, eyeballs and feet. Commercial pet food manufacturers don’t use these parts, but they DO often use 4-D animals – dead, dying, disabled and diseased. No animal should be eating toxic 4-D meats!” – Anonymous

“Sadly for me there is simply NOT enough evidence to support vegetarianism for dogs.”- Julie ann, a dog owner.

If a human decides to be vegetarian, it is a personal or ethical choice. Feeding your dog meat or plant-based diet is a matter of owner’s discretion. However, the success of v-dog will likely depend upon its adaptivity amongst the target market- i.e. our dogs! —


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