Experts at Infowiz suggest corporate professionals to match up with new demands for avoiding serious layoffs in multiple industries

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block chain, Big Data and Internet of Things are in the pipeline of forming a major part of the nucleus of multiple Indian industries, especially IT-ITeS. Governments as well as private players have been rather welcoming to the technological revolution, realizing its infinite nature of possibilities. But, this also creates a threat in the market. A threat to the existing corporate workforce.

Indian IT industry registers a 14-figure revenue on annual basis and while integration of these technologies is expected to scale these number higher, it might just lead to the opposite. According to multiple surveys, nearly half of four million people employed in the industry are in a position to either upgrade their skill set without quitting their job or eventually, lose it in the next 2-3 years.

Fresher professionals are in an equally dire situation because of lack of awareness. The absence of a guiding force, inadequate knowledge of changing trends in college faculty, and negligible outside help, they have no idea what they are headed towards. However, the newcomers and old professionals can contribute together to avoid this scenario.

Industry experts at Infowiz, a Chandigarh-based education organization, suggest that training institutes offering inclusive learning courses of new-age technologies are arguably the last hope for existing, and aspiring, IT professionals. Experts at Infowiz revealed that though the number of aspirants and successfully placed students has increased in the previous years, the lack of awareness and proper utilization of college time is yet to pick up proper momentum among the students.

Though massive online open course ware (MOOC) has had its own share of students who have learned and bagged handsome placements, the revolution demands change on a national scale. This can be attributed to the need of increase in interest of new technologies, easy accessibility of skilled professionals, and a wide range of resources for practice worksheets. 

With increasing number of startups and leading IT giants shifting on the futuristic technologies, abundant opportunities are waiting for the suitable candidate in the market. All that’s needed is an initiative from the working professionals to inspire the young guns and demarcate 2019 as the year of Indian IT-ITeS industry, instead of the predictive downfall.


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