Indian School of Business (ISB) and Woxsen School of Business amongst leading Business schools leading the Hyderabad’s managerial education

Hyderabad In spite of the fact that there is no ‘IIM-Hyderabad’, the city’s management education spectrum has maintained a special reputation for itself since decades. With stellar placement records, influx of more national and global placement companies, improving infrastructure, and new-fangled exposure programs for the students, Hyderabad colleges have gradually bagged the top ranks for MBA aspirants across the nation.

Current scenario

Veteran universities as well as new B-Schools are constantly working towards program upgradation and enhanced student experience to transform the landscape of Hyderabad management education. While this can be corroborated by the recent entry of Indian School of Business (ISB) in the top-25 global list of B-schools, and bagging the number one rank in India, new-er B-schools such as Woxsen School of Business are offering a unique pedagogy inspiring a ‘learning-making-managing’ approach driven by the combination of theory-application balance, interactive seminars, and enhanced role of faculty.

The latter can be corroborated by Woxsen’s entrepreneur-ish inclination with its ‘Trade Tower’ and ‘Business Advisory Council’, while the former has already made its education and management premise solid through its stature in B-school education.


Role of faculty

Unlike undergraduate courses, management education’s stellar results are often attributed to the faculty.  That considered, faculty at both Hyderabad B-schools offer tremendous star-power, with leading business tycoons, economists and professors of repute leading the education development. For instance, faculty at Woxsen School of Business is a heterogeneous mixture of national as well as global teachers – in addition to its Academic Advisory Council.

The faculty is not only equipped with the knowledge of research and latest industry trends, but further offers mentorship to the students with respect to research papers, case studies, and simulation exercises.

Along with that, visiting faculty and special guests for lectures, seminars, and conferences create an interactive environment that enables each student to learn about the current industry happenings from multiple experts with first-hand experience.

Exposure towards new business dimensions

The underlying idea is to equip the individual with the right amount of skills and awareness to tackle the dynamics of today’s challenging business world. With business advancements, the conventional facets of imparting education along with the curriculum are witnessing upgrades with the introduction of various new aspects.

An increase in such initiatives from multiple B-schools is likely on the cards considering the current market scenario that includes increasing entrepreneurial ventures, role of social media in the management sector, and strategic predictions. In addition to Woxsen School of Business and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad’s increasing number of B-schools presents a rather intriguing context. With Mumbai, Bangalore leading the business education front with the ‘IIM-cities’, Hyderabad’s score on all management education fronts could make it the next education hub in the country.

That said, the collective efforts of veteran and new B-schools are consistently contributing towards the improvement of Hyderabad management education’s comprehensive experience. Provided that the ongoing pace of development continues, it will not be a surprise to see more Hyderabad B-school alumnus at leading managerial positions in premier companies.


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