The developer of PUBG and other popular games, Tencent has launched ‘Game For Peace’, after it was forced to ban the former in its home country, China. The game was banned on the back of accusation of diffusing violence amongst users.

In a bid to retain the massive player database, Tencent has released Game For Peace for the country. As per the developers, the new game has an element of patriotism.

The newly launched Game For Peace is virtually identical to PUBG mobile with a handful of key differences. Notably, the PUBG users were not informed by the company, before it took down the game. However, the users who logged into the new game surprisingly found all their content and achievements from PUBG profile being carried forward.

Furthermore, the gameplay, the graphic design, the background and even the characters are more or less the same to the original game. The Game For Peace, however, has gotten rid of the bloodshed animations which have been replaced with a green colored strobe.

In order to further calm down the violence factor, players when dying wave goodbye to the opponent which is hilarious and unusual at the same time. Different colored play zone light and intro/outro video are some of the other changes offered by the new game.

Tencent has shared limited information about the new game. But, the analysts predict that the company’s shared can splurge up to 19 per cent after the launch of Game For Peace.


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