In light of India’s renewable Energy spree, RenewSys has launched the country’s first 6BB Solar PV cells

RenewSys, India’s first integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules & its components recently announced its launch of six Bus Bar (6BB) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Cells and modules. The 6BB cells, part of RenewSys’ RESERV® range of solar PV cells, will be manufactured using world class European PV cell equipment.

The additional Bus Bar gives the firm an added advantage – making the cell more efficient, lowering the considerable energy losses as well as lowering the series resistance present in solar PV cells. The refined design of RenewSys RESERV 6BB cells optimizes the collection of Ampere (current), limiting cell shadowing losses.

Here are the additional benefits of 6BB cells and modules:

  • Lower power degradation due to a reduction in the distance travelled by charge carriers under thermal cycling,
  • Improvement in reliability,
  • Long term stability and
  • Lower susceptibility to power degradation due to micro-cracks are the additional

Furthermore, the higher efficiency of the 6BB cells with this improved design ought to increase the module power output – making RenewSys a prime consideration for Indian solar farms, more so in places where solar energy is not that reliable, but the incumbent requirement is necessary.

Through the 6BB PV cells, the organization could possibly increase the output of older solar farms, and increasingly contribute to newer solar energy projects in the country.

RenewSys also holds the distinction of launching India’s first 5BB cells, India’s only bi-facial Glass- Backsheet PV module, DESERV Extreme, and India’s only comprehensive in-house module reliability laboratory.

The company has two manufacturing facilities in India at Hyderabad and Bengaluru with the Hyderabad facility manufacturing Solar PV Modules and Solar PV Cells and the Bengaluru facility manufacturing encapsulants and Backsheets.

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