deepak and navin mehra mehrasons

History and legacy – the Jewellery of India is a striking expression of the two. Indian avant-garde jewellery holds value which has appreciated with time. Jewellery is one of the most valued possessions for women, and Indian jewellers have given them something special to cherish through their offerings.

The promise to upkeep the superlative quality of jewellery and the authentic craftsmanship has been passed on from one generation to another. The upcoming jewellers have successfully kept the rich tradition intact, and simultaneously added their own element of individuality.

With the future of Indian jewellery lying in their hands, one would agree that they have big shoes to fill. These young jewellers fully inherit their role of industry leaders, trading on their birthright and asserting that their only obligation is to art and customers satisfaction.

Honoring their forefathers businesses’, and the Indian tradition, young entrepreneurs dutifully come up with offerings that neither lack in authenticity nor the elegance of traditional Indian jewellery.

Being veterans of innovative designs and classic adornments, AKM Mehrasons Jewellers owner, Deepak Mehra says, “Change is difficult. For example, when you like a new car or a new toy, it’s not just about acquiring it, you need to understand it. For change of perspective as a jeweler you need to know your consumer. The company image changes slowly, but it has been successful for us. It’s a long term commitment to the customer.”

Talking about his golden legacy, Deepak Mehra says, “Self-exposure and good contacts in the industry can help you move forward but what no one can teach you is the core qualities of doing business that you inherit- which are honesty, integrity and maintaining customer relations.”

To keep the 5000 years old gem and jewellery industry intact, there is a constant need for reinventing its operations and services as per evolving customers, and at the same time keeping the year’s old authenticity reserved. The beauty of these metals is accentuated when they are carved with perfection and precision, giving women beautiful pieces of adornmentment, which detail the superlative craftsmanship that comes with it.

Another jewellery heir Saurabh Vidyahar Gadgil, who ever since taking over the PNG Jewellers business in the late 1990s, has transformed the jewellery brand’s image from an old school to a professionally run corporate entity. “Customer has become more aware and demanding. At the same time, the customers are willing to pay for the right buy. Today, it’s all about experimental buying and the entire package,” Gadgil provided, adding, “Today’s customer look at the entire 360-degree approach of buying and not just what has been brought or where it has been brought from.”

Bringing in their original contributions, the young jewellery magnates do not believe in imitating what their ancestors did, nor sabotage it, but further enhance it. Adding their own element to existing business models, these young jewelers are not coy to experiment with the new designs.

“We see ourselves as preservers of India’s jewelry heritage and this spirit is reflected in our designs,” says Snehal Choksey, the son of Mrs. Shobhana Choksey who is the owner of Shobha Shringar Jewelers. Snehal Choksey has recently taken over the reins of the business, and aims at taking it up a notch through his own contributions.

These new classes of jewellery businessmen are bringing newer perspectives to things, while keeping the ideologies and principles of their fathers always at the front. That is what is making them understand the responsibility on their shoulders and shroud any sense of entitlement that comes with being heirs to leading jewellery businessmen.


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