In the opinion of the SEO professionals, content is the key when it comes to link building while the idea of building links or gaining coverage without a value-added content is absurd.

You may have seen several ‘experts’ in the relevant field talking about the values of useful content, but not many talks about enhancing the content promotion. Below are five techniques that we think are going to help you in making your off-page optimization a success.

  1. Using things that you have in your hand

Take your time to din into what you already have; explore more and more into assets that you have at your disposal. Many a time, the things we have proved to be a goldmine of data, just waiting for getting exploited.

Use your unique interests and hobbies which can bring the best results without putting exhausting efforts. Besides, identify the area in which you are leading, create an expert profile. You will be able to answer questions thrown towards you by the journalists and others.

  1. Check out what others are doing, borrow from them

You can look at what others are doing; you can use the data available publicly and can give it a new spin. This one strategy can attract several links to create compelling and engaging content.

There are several online platforms from where you can take primary data and can use it to enhance the information in your content. Platforms such as Wikipedia are a data goldmine; they are publicly available and are completely free of cost.

Make sure that you don’t miss offline sources, and they can sometimes help you the most in gaining coverage and links. You can also integrate the online and offline marketing plans, you can receive maximum results, even beyond your expectations.

  1. Making news from nothing

You need to spot things that have the potential to be the topic of interest amongst the people. Just pull that off and give it a new spin on your creative way.

What to do? Just spot an existing news story aligning to your industry, create something new related to that news, it can quickly bring PR coverage and links.

You can also do another way round, create a content that can affect the news. You can create stories aligning with what you want to say, add surveys to your storeys.

There are no secrets to great content. In simple words, great content lies in the eyes of the beholder. That is why the target audience is what matters to most of the content writers. Although there are several other strategies to make your campaign a success, considering these three strategies will help you in creating content that is engaging and attractive.


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Andrew has been in the online publishing industry since 2015. After receiving his degree in professional journalism from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, he contributed to multiple websites as a freelance writer and feature editor. Mostly, Andrew tackles controversies and theories that lead to a specific conclusion that either debunk or justify a particular claim. Further, Andrew participates in social developments that aim to simplify every individual's way of life and fight for peace. He is the new Editor-in-Chief of Pressroom Today.


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