In a bid to generate awareness about coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has generated a Health Alert on WhatsApp to keep the public informed about the situation. It’s a free service developed to answer public queries regarding Coronavirus and replying them with reliable source of information 24×7. The service will also guide decision makers to share latest report relating to the situation.

Work procedure of WHO health alert on WhatsApp?To get started with WHO Health Alert, text the word ‘Hi’ on the number +41 79 893 1892. The service responds to various queries and will be updated daily with the latest information about the number of cases in the country and around the world. Health tips and travel advices to protect yourself will also be shared through the app. It would be beneficial to debunk the Coronavirus myths.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the people wanted such an app even before it was launched. As per the recently released data, around million people have already signed in.

Facebook owned WhatsApp has worked with World Health Organization to get authoritative information about coronavirus. Recently, WhatsApp also developed a coronavirus information hub on the app. The homepage of will redirect the link to open up a chat with the WHO Health Alert.

The service was initially launched in English, but it would soon be available in all the six United Nations languages namely English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Facebook owned WhatsApp also announced a $1M grant to the International Fact-Checking Network to verify the Corona Virus Facts and stop all the rumours. The WHO Health Alert follows various government helplines on WhatsApp, including the Singapore Government, The Israel Ministry of Health and many more. Other nations facing the challenges are expected to launch their services soon.


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