Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Patanjali Coronil kits have observed huge sales, crossing above Rs 241 crores in past four months. More than 2.5 million kits have already been sold and the numbers are rising continuously as per the company officials.

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The businesses of all the other immunity boosters prevalent in the market are going to be surpassed by Baba Ramadev’s Patanjali in view of increasing demand of coronil kits. It is expected that this medicine will cross the benchmark of 1 crore units, valuing above 500 crores by Diwali across the nation.

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As per Patanjali Ayurveda CEO, Acharya Balakrishna, “The overwhelming response that the Coronil kit has got from people is the evidence of the product’s success across the country. By Diwali, the number of sales will cross over 1 crore, which means Coronil is being used by people for both prevention and treatment of the covid-19.” He further added “Our experts are minutely examining the outcome of the clinical analysis of all the covid-19 patients who are using the Coronil-kit for boosting immunity. Very soon we will come out of the exhaustive findings of our product.”

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As the cure for this life-threatening virus is still not approved by WHO, Patanjali received severe backlash for promoting Coronil in the name of antidote initially. Perhaps the company alleged 100 per cent favorable results during the clinical trials on the Covid-19 patients (excluding the ones on life supporting system). In the aftermath, the Ministry of Ayush imposed a brief ban on its advertisements. Finally, the Company modified its promotion and started selling Coronil as an ‘immunity booster’.

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The kit consists of three products namely, Coronil, Swasari Vati and a bottle of Anu Talia oil. On October 18, the company concluded deals of 25 lakh kits through various selling portals. The overwhelming sale of the product is the true validation of people’s trust in the brand.


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