Standard Operating Procedure drafted for vaccination of unregistered healthcare workers

On 5th March, the Delhi health department issued an order affirming that the “state has been receiving requests for HCWs and FLWs who could not be registered due to some reasons”. The government of India has come up with a detailed SOP according to which, vaccination of frontline workers (FLWs), healthcare workers (HCWs) is to be prioritized.

Delhi health department officials said on Saturday that the Centre has outlined SOPs regarding the vaccination of the healthcare workers along with the frontline staff who couldn’t get registered for it through the CoWIN application. Health Care workers or the public & private sectors where the CVC are not located, can be vaccinated at designated CVCs, post providing evidence in a prescribed format duly signed and stamped by the health facility in-charge.

Other medical practitioners and paramedics, who are not affiliated with any health care facility, can show their MCI/DMCI relevant council registrations to get the vaccine.

The order also mentioned that the support staff of the private hospitals, clinics and establishments will have to certify them being HCWs in the prescribed format.

Vaccination of unregistered FLWs can be done at the designated CVCs after the furnishing proof of them being an FLW in the prescribed format, which will be further signed and stamped by the senior officer deputed by the FLW authority for issuing the certificate. In addition to which the FLW group shall designate an officer to be at the dedicated sites for verification of the FLW status. These beneficiaries shall be registered on-site.

More than 33,000 recipients got shots of COVID-19 antibody in the public capital on Saturday. It is the most noteworthy number of individuals immunized on a solitary day since the beginning of the vaccination practice on January 16, the authorities said.

On Saturday, second dosages were given to around 7,132 individuals, the authorities further said, adding that over 3,769 forefront laborers and 2,274 medical services laborers were also immunized.

Have you registered for your vaccination yet? Go ahead and join the cause of making India and the world COVID free!

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