Jyoti Group is an outcome of commitment and dedication of Mr. S.K. Jain who envisioned the growth of the agricultural sector in India through the use of cost effective and high-quality fertilizers. Sanjay Jain, alongside his father, undertook the responsibility to handle the business after he completed his graduation. His charismatic leadership proved to be a catalyst for the company and took it to ever-rising heights.

Sanjay Jain Jyoti Group with his never say no attitude, has been able to deal with the rapidly changing business environment. His kinetic personality has been helping the company thrive through competition and meet profitable goals.

sanjay jain

Graduated from esteemed Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, Sanjay Jain from Jyoti Trading learned business ethics and principles during his time at the campus. These skills helped the visionary to expand the business of Jyoti Group. Apart from being the proprietor of Jyoti Trading Corporation, today he is a partner with Jyoti Consultants, Jyoti International, SA International, and S A Trading, involved in international trading of fertilisers.

Looking beyond the fertiliser industry, Jain capitalised on the opportunity to transform the entertainment vertical and became the Director of Sangam Theatres Pvt. Ltd., based in New Delhi. Besides that, Jyoti Group also ventured into residential and commercial projects in Delhi/NCR. The visionary soon became the Director of Santur Projects Pvt. Ltd. and Jyoti Projects Pvt. Ltd. He also started SA Implex as a partner, which deals in import and export of various Agri products. He also developed a housing project in Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, holding the position of Director in Quantum Coloniser Pvt. Ltd.,

Sanjay Jain being grateful for the success of Jyoti Group, is actively involved in social welfare under various banners such as Jyoti Charitable Trust. Established in 1978, the unit works towards societal well-being and aid. The trust provides various medical facilities at minimal rates to underprivileged families. They also arrange free medical camps for the prevention of BCG, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, typhoid, etc. Apart from this, the charitable hospital is also known for organizing eye check-up camps for the deprived. These camps provide free eye tests and treatment. Under Sanjay Jain’s management, the charitable trust has been upgraded to a small hospital called Jyoti Memorial Jain Charitable Hospital.

Jyoti Group understands its responsibility towards society and has been doing their part for various communities. Sanjay Jain, through charitable organizations, makes donations to different sections of the society. They regularly donate to Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation working for village development and child education in rural and tribal areas of India. They also give donations to Prayas JAC Society, a child-focused development organisation centered on helping the children in need. Tamana, another non-profit organisation that works for the betterment of the mentally challenged, disabled, and autistic people, is dedicatedly looked after by the aids from Jyoti Group.

Sanjay Jain, Jyoti Group is one of the prime sources of inspiration to the company and has led to its exceptional growth. Under his guidance, Jyoti Group has become one of the leading organisations of the fertiliser industry.


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