Rajat Khare Venture capitalist
Rajat Khare Venture capitalist

Boundary Holding, a European Fund, has invested in Singapore-based XRVision – a leading facial recognition and video analytics company. The company is led by globally renowned experts who previously headed large groups at Micr­­osoft, Intel and Avaya.

To represent Boundary Holding in its investment in Singapore, Rajat Khare Venture capitalist and founder has joined the Board of XRVision. The company would be helping XRVision to enter new markets.

Boundary Holding aims to leverage XRVision’s growing market potential and the high growth of Video content analytics market. “We value the potential of XRVision’s AI-based technology in identifying faces, whilst extracting actionable data to maintain public order, and its ability to expand into various industries to assure safety,” stated Venture capitalist Rajat Khare, the founder of Boundary Holding.

XRVision is reimagining security by leveraging cutting-edge Computer Vision & IoT patented technologies coupled with deep domain expertise to address some of the biggest security challenges, which governments and enterprises currently face, specifically (1) securing large number of Stationary & Movable Assets using an always-connected and highly secured IoT Access Control solution and (2) performing Facial identification in fully uncontrolled, crowded and in-motion environments at the industry highest accuracy rate.

The Impact on the Industries

Boundary Holding’s strategic investment in Singapore-based XRVision, a prominent facial recognition and video analytics company, underscores its commitment to transformative technologies. Led by globally renowned experts with backgrounds at Microsoft, Intel, and Avaya, XRVision has received substantial support, with Rajat Khare, the Venture capitalist and founder of Boundary Holding, joining its Board to facilitate market expansion. This investment aims to leverage XRVision’s cutting-edge AI-based technology for facial identification and actionable data extraction, contributing to public order and safety across various industries. XRVision’s innovative approach, using Computer Vision and IoT patented technologies, addresses significant security challenges faced by governments and enterprises. This includes securing both stationary and movable assets through an always-connected and highly secured IoT Access Control solution, as well as performing facial identification in fully uncontrolled, crowded, and in-motion environments with industry-leading accuracy. This strategic investment not only propels XRVision’s growth but also exemplifies Boundary Holding’s broader impact on industries, showcasing how technology is pushing boundaries and fostering innovation in fields such as industrial automation, satellite communication, medical technology, education, aerospace engineering, and the UAV market.

About Boundary Holding

Boundary Holding is a European investment fund operating in Luxembourg and France. The fund focuses on fostering innovation and supporting startups in their early stages. It specializes in funding ventures in various technological domains, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Algorithmic Trading, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data Analytics. Rajat Khare, a startup investor, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur, founded the company. Boundary Holding has established a global network of startup programs in collaboration with diverse organizations worldwide.

Boundary Holding’s focus on deep tech stems from its recognition of its immense economic impact and its potential to disrupt various industries, potentially rendering other enterprises obsolete. Deep tech represents the culmination of extensive laboratory testing and research, requiring a significant amount of time for these innovative advancements to transition from fundamental scientific concepts to practical applications in the real world.

The company aims to fund companies that seek to build sustainable and profitable value propositions right from their inception, led by passionate and driven founders. Their mission is to identify and support the most promising startups with innovative ideas that have the potential to disrupt industries and create significant value. They provide mentorship, funding, and access to a global network of investors and industry experts to help these startups grow and succeed.

Boundary Holding has a distinct focus on investing in companies at the pre-series A, series A, and pre-series B stages to empower them with business understanding and connections to drive revenue growth through market expansion. Additionally, if necessary, Boundary Holding facilitates introductions to potential investors.

Basic Information

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Category Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Investor
Alma Mater Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Occupation Founder, Boundary Holding, Investor
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Publication ‘Make the Move’ – Demystifying Entrepreneurship
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  • Aeraccess aims to lead UAV market with investment push from Boundary Holding
  • Konux receives investment from global investment fund Boundary Holding | further ref:(In early 2019 the Asian tech-giant Alibaba invested into Konux. It subsequently participated in the Series B round of the company, along with Upbeat Ventures, MIG AG, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Andy Bechtolsheim and Venture capitalist Rajat Khare-led Boundary Holding{source: Wikipedia})
  • Boundary Holding Invests in bleenco (Bleenco develops solutions for facilitating safe work environment through AI-powered cameras that can detect body temperature and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and analyse workplace ergonomics.)
  • Boundary Holding Invests in bleenco swissdrones (The investment decision made by Boundary Holding is aimed at helping the company enhance its operations, expand the product portfolio and increase the overall presence across the UAV market.)
  • Geneva, Recently – Boundary Holding announces its investment in Astrocast, a company based in Chavannes-près-Renens and specializing in nanosatellite technology. Astrocast currently operates the most robust end-to-end Nanosatellite IoT Network, and is the Swiss company with the most satellites in orbit as well as the leading satellite telecom operator in Switzerland.
  • India@75 Celebrations: Role and Contribution of Indian Diaspora in Development of Science and Technology.The first edition in the series of these events will be held on July 15, 2021 at 1800 hrs at the WIPO Conference Hall, Geneva. Rajat khare, Dr. Archana  (CERN),Dr. Maneesh Wadhwa adn more dignitaries to be a part of this event.
  • Boundary Holding‘s recent investment in Aero41 marks a significant step in advancing modern solutions for Swiss winemakers. This infusion of capital into Aero41, a manufacturer of crop protection drones, showcases Boundary Holding’s commitment to technology in agriculture. With this investment, Boundary Holding is not only supporting the development of innovative agricultural solutions but also contributing to the growth of the Swiss technology sector, further solidifying its position as a forward-looking venture capital firm.

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