Harpal Randhawa
Harpal Randhawa

In a somber turn of events, Indian mining magnate Harpal Randhawa and his son, Amer Kabir Singh Randhawa, found themselves among the unfortunate victims of a private plane crash near a diamond mine in Zimbabwe. The incident, reportedly caused by a technical fault, unfolded in the south-western reaches of the country.

Unfolding the Tragedy

Harpal Randhawa, a prominent figure in the mining world, was the owner of RioZim, a diversified mining enterprise with interests ranging from gold and coal to nickel and copper refinement. The crash occurred in the Zvamahande area of Mashava. The flight was en route from Harare to the Murowa diamond mine when tragedy struck, taking the lives of all souls on board. The plane was a Cessna 206 aircraft owned by RioZim.

Reports indicate the crash occurred on September 29 between 7:30 and 8 AM. The aircraft, setting out from Harare at the break of dawn, met its untimely demise approximately 6 kilometers from Mashava. The casualties included four foreign nationals, including Randhawa and his son, and two Zimbabwean citizens, as confirmed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The names of the deceased have yet to be officially released, but journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chinono, a friend of Harpal Randhawa, confirmed their identities.

Harpal Randhawa: The Mining Tycoon behind RioZim

Harpal Randhawa, aged 60, was more than just a mining tycoon; he was the visionary founder of GEM Holdings, a private equity firm with assets valued at a staggering $4 billion. His business interests spanned the realms of gold, diamond, and coal mining in Zimbabwe, establishing him as a prominent and influential figure in the nation.

His LinkedIn profile paints a portrait of a man dedicated to his craft. For three decades, Randhawa served as the chairman of the GEM group, an entity he helped shape since its inception in July 1993. Apart from this, he ventured into partnerships with Sabre Capital Worldwide for 12 years and contributed his expertise as a senior advisor at the real estate firm Safanad for three years. Randhawa’s academic journey led him to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the University of London. Yet, his thirst for business ventures seemed unquenchable, with reports suggesting he was actively planning his next undertaking. As of now, the identity of his wife remains undisclosed.

Tragically, Harpal Randhawa’s 22-year-old son, Amer Kabir Singh Randhawa, was also aboard the ill-fated aircraft. A trained pilot himself, Amer was traveling as a passenger on this fateful journey.

About RioZim

RioZim, with its diverse portfolio encompassing RioGold, RioBase Metals, RioChrome, RioDiamonds, and RioEnergy, plays a pivotal role in Zimbabwe’s mining landscape. The company operates several mines, including the Renco Gold Mine, the Cam & Motor Gold Mine, the Dalny Mine, and the Empress Nickel Refinery. Additionally, RioZim owns a significant stake in Sengwa Colliery Pty Ltd and has a 22% interest in Murowa Diamonds Pvt Ltd, reflecting its dynamic presence in the mining and smelting sectors.

Harpal Randhawa’s legacy, marked by his dedication to the mining industry and his untimely departure, leaves a void that will be deeply felt within the mining community and beyond.

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