Diplomatic Row Erupts as UK Envoy Visits Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir
Diplomatic Row Erupts as UK Envoy Visits Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir

A serious issue of diplomatic tension engulfed India and the United Kingdom after the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Jane Marriott, paid a visit to the city of Mirpur in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) on January 10, 2024. A seemingly simple trip triggered a consequential row, which highlighted the long-standing and sensitive issue of PoK, a disputed territory claimed by both India and Pakistan.

The British High Commissioner held meetings with Pakistani officials and engaged with the local community. India reacted swiftly and strongly, condemning the visit as “highly objectionable” and a “blatant violation of India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The Ministry of External Affairs summoned the British High Commissioner in India to lodge a formal protest, reiterating that PoK is an integral part of India.


PoK: The Region of Uncertainty

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir refers to the portion of the Kashmir region currently under administration by Pakistan. Following the partition of India in 1947, both India and Pakistan laid claim to the entire Kashmir region, leading to the First Indo-Pakistani War (1947-1948). While a ceasefire line dividing the region was established, the status of Kashmir remains unresolved, fueling tensions and erratic conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations.

The issue of PoK is particularly sensitive for India, which considers it an illegal occupation by Pakistan. India vehemently opposes any official engagement with PoK by foreign dignitaries.


UK’s Balancing Act

The UK has defended the visit of its High Commissioner to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), stating that the visit was consistent with its long-standing practice and aimed to promote peace and prosperity in the region. While India has expressed its concern over the visit, the UK clarified that it does not represent any change in its position on the status of Kashmir, which remains a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. 

However, India sees the visit as a tacit endorsement of Pakistan’s control over PoK, which has led to a strain in the diplomatic relations between the two countries, putting the UK’s diplomatic balancing act to the test.


Domestic Uproar: India vs. I.N.D.I.A.

In India, the government’s strong opposition to Marriott’s visit has received widespread support. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has accused the UK of disrespecting India’s sovereignty and undermining regional stability. Opposition parties, however, have adopted a more subtle approach, urging the government to engage in dialogue with the UK to resolve the issue.


Looking Ahead: Uncertain Path for India-UK Ties

High Commissioner Marriott’s visit caused a diplomatic row that has cast a shadow over India-UK relations. The PoK issue is complex and unlikely to be resolved quickly. However, open communication, respect for each other’s concerns, and a willingness to explore diplomatic solutions offer hope for navigating this sensitive terrain.


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