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  1. Who is Dinesh Shahra
  2. Dinesh Shahra Networth
  3. Dinesh Shahra Family

Who is Dinesh Shahra?

Dinesh Shahra is Founder & M.D of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited who have build India’s largest manufacturing edible oil company. He is a well known author of  the book – “Simplicity & Wisdom”.

What is Dinesh shahra net worth?

Dinesh shahra net worth is approx. Rs.5.5 Crore according to source.

Who are part of Shahra family tree?

Dinesh Shahra along with their family members namely Mr.Kailash Shahra, Mr. Suresh Shahra, Mr. Santosh Shahra, Mr. Umesh Shahra, Mr. Manish Shara, Mr. Nitesh Shahra and Mr. Sarvesh Shahra run Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.

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