Agra-Etawah Bypass Project worth Rs 2,650 crore is successfully making its way towards completion

IRB infrastructure owner aagra etawah highway

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. (IRB) is one of most celebrated names in the infrastructure sector. The company has successfully carved a niche for itself the industry when it comes to undertaking and developing various infrastructure projects, especially road construction through several Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). IRB proudly owns more than 30 subsidiaries that are thoughtfully spread all across India.

Listed amongst the country’s prominent private roads and highways infrastructure developers, IRB has constructed, operated and maintained more than 9,295 lane kms of road length till date. The fact that IRB has an impressively large portfolio festooned with a number of India’s prime BOT projects is,indeed, commendable.

The Agra-Etawah Bypass Road Project is one of the achievements for the company to be proud of. The road up-gradation project involved six-laning of Agra-Etawah Bypass stretch of NH-2 of 199.660 km to 323.525 km in the state of Uttar Pradesh. IRB’s SPV AE Tollway Pvt. Ltd. commenced construction work on the project from 1st August 2016. The estimated cost of this Design, Build, Finance, Operate & Transfer (DBFOT) road project, which was initiated by the NHAI under its Phase-V of the National Highway Development Projects (NHDP), was said to be Rs 2,650 crore.

When interviewed about this notable development, IRB’s Joint Managing Director Sudhir Rao Hoshing had earlier commented, “We are pleased to commence the widening work of Agra-Etawah bypass road. Once completed, the corridor will provide congestion free, safe and more comfortable travel to commuters with much reduced travel time.”

Confident about IRB’s endeavors, Hoshing stated, “We are committed to develop the World Class road infrastructure that India needs to implement its development agenda.”

The Agra-Etawah Bypass Road Up-gradation Project is under construction and is expected to be completed by 31st January, 2019.

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14 thoughts on “Agra-Etawah Bypass Project worth Rs 2,650 crore is successfully making its way towards completion”

  1. Dipti Dubey says:

    Never knew IRB and Virendra Mhaiskar are contributing so much towards building India’s roads and highways. Probably the owner believes in actions rather than words. Keep up the good work!

  2. Govind Pratap says:

    I hope the company does everything that it promises. We have high hopes from visionary leaders like Virendra Mhaiskar in shaping the country better. Let’s appreciate his efforts and encourage the group to build roads that do not just connect cities but connect hearts.

  3. Aarti Pahwa says:

    This and many more! IRB owner Virendra Mhaiskar now must be used to such big achievements. Nonetheless, it is certainly giving a good shape to India’s infrastructure. World-class highways and road definitely would add up to our economy.

  4. Dhiraz Dhaiya says:

    I am sure IRB would complete this project with flying colors too. Being a civil engineer and working in this industry for around a decade now, I can definitely say that IRB and Virendra Mhaiskar are the names that can be trusted.

  5. Aaru Singh says:

    This is called real achievement. This project was not easy for any company. IRB Infrastructure doing a nice job every time. is called real achievement. This project was not easy for any company. IRB Infrastructure doing a nice job every time.

  6. Deepak Chauhan says:

    This is going to be IRB’s one of the best projects considering the cost and distance.

  7. Babita Rohilla says:

    This company is surely delivering. I am impressed with their contribution and the way they are completing one after another project. IRB Infrastructure is widening the gap of excellence between them and other competitors. Way to go IRB.

  8. Ritu Dhaiya says:

    I am sure that IRB will complete it before due time like any other project. We have seen it time and again from IRB Infrastructures. We must appreciate their efforts in the development of the country.

  9. Hemant says:

    Thewhole idea of creating a bypass road is great. India with the increasing population needs more of such type of projects. This will definitely help the people in travelling hassle free. Hoping that they will complete the new project soon and make that also a success.

  10. Rohan says:

    this is we can call stupendo fantabulously phantasmagorically magical

  11. Samira says:

    This is surely the best road infrastructure company of the country. I don’t know of any other company that has handled complex projects like Mumbai-Vadodara expressway and Agra-Etawah bypass.

  12. Mitika says:

    IRB Infrastructure adds another feather to its hat and I’m really very happy. With each project they build comes safety, and features that make highway a world class affair. I have also travelled through their highways and know how instrumental their efforts have been to reduce the travel time. I know their Agra-Etawah will also be a huge success. Keep going IRB.

  13. Anandi says:

    They are doing a commendable job to say the least. I think from last 2-4 years they have constructed at least 4-5 roads around the country.

  14. Rahil says:

    IRB Infrastructure is making India proud with its wonderful work. I hope it continues in the same way.

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