Raj Shah has become the highest ranking Indian-American spokesman in the White House press, who gaggled with the travelling press corp mid-way to St Louis. Gaggle is a term used by the White House Press Secretary for informal briefing, which is recorded, but blocks the reporters from video-graphing.

History was in the making today, as the 33-year-old high-flyer accompanied Donald Trump as he flew to Missouri. The trip came about as the US President had to deliver a speech on middle-class tax relief and business tax relief in the destined state.

raj shah white house spokesman

In his opening statements, Mr Shah said, “We’re looking forward to the President’s remarks. It will be in St. Charles, talking about the need for middle-class tax relief and business tax relief.”

Mr. Shah holds a key position in the White House, in respect to which he gaggled with the reporters on board presidential plane Air Force One. He was promoted to the position of Principal Deputy Press Secretary as President Trump reassembled his press office, in September. Hope Hicks was made the Director of Communications in the event.

“The focus of today’s remarks is going to be on small businesses. He’s going to feature two specific small businesses. One is a local small business incubator, and the other is a jewelry business − they’re a retail business that also wholesales to about two and a half dozen different retailers throughout the country,” he detailed the press about the President’s scheduled speech.

The press asked him a range of questions that were from the president’s controversial tweets, to North Korea and tax cuts.

“We’re very excited about these remarks, and we’re excited about the developments on pushing tax reform and tax cuts. And the President is going to make a push for ‘Yea’ votes,” Mr. Shah said in response to the questions of the travelling press.

Raj Shah is the descendent of Gujarati parents. He was born and raised in Connecticut. He became politically active during his college life, but as a Democrat. He said, “I actually interned for a Democrat when I was in college. He became a Republican after researching into issues. In fact, he interned in the Bush White House in 2005.”

After attaining his degree, he got a job in the research wing of the Republican National Committee. Since then, there has been no going back for him. Raj Shah is one of the few people who tasted success at such an early age. He, in fact, joined the white house since the Trump administration came into existence.

The first gaggle of White House press, with an Indian-American, went on for about 12 minutes.


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