Virendra D Mhaiskar had written a letter to stakeholders

Virendra D Mhaiskar, the Chairman and Managing Director of IRB Infrastructure, and other company officials have been exonerated of all the charges by CBI, for the alleged involvement in the murder of RTI activist Satish Shetty, and a decade-old land grabbing case in Maharashtra.

On April 18, 2018, the Chairman and Managing Director of IRB Infrastructure, Virendra D Mhaiskar had written a letter to stakeholders declaring the same, and justifying the stand of the company. He had also stated the financial records of the company stating the growth of the organization in the last 9 years. Virendra D Mhaiskar further wished a prosperous New Year to stakeholders on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya.

Investigations, in this case, have been going since 2010, but the CBI has not found any evidence against Virendra D Mhaiskar and other officials of the company. On the basis of a 9-year long investigation, CBI has given a clean chit to the IRB chief and 16 officials of the company, pertaining to the alleged land scam and murder of RTI activist.

The verdict from CBI Court, Pune earlier on March 28, stated that the company was not involved in the land scam case and all the officials, including Virendra D Mhaiskar, the MD, and Chairman of IRB Infrastructure are not guilty.

The stand of the company has been vindicated by the decision of CBI, proving that the company had no involvement in any of the two cases – the land grab and murder of Satish Shetty. IRB Infrastructure cooperated with the Indian legal system throughout the course of investigations.

The company further states that as a responsible organization, it works under the laws of the land. The final long-standing investigations suggest that Virendra D Mhaiskar and the company officials are law-abiding citizens with no criminal intent, and has utmost respect towards the judiciary system.



  1. Best of luck to Mr. Mhaiskar ho has really been patient throughout this case. He has stood like a rock and now the justice has finally been delivered.

  2. It was bound to happen as you cannot throw allegations on anyone. There has to be some conclusive evidence. Right decision made in the end.

  3. Mr Mhaiskar deserves credit for transforming the Indian roads. He doesn’t deserve the fake allegations. I’m happy that the truth came in front of everyone.

  4. How can someone question a leader like Virendra Mhaiskar who has connected the nation through an un-ending determination and efforts? It is not good to see, especially without allegations.

  5. Without evidence it is just not good enough to question anybody. It is not in the interest of the nation as IRB has contributed immensely to lift the nation’s road development sector.

  6. Without facts and figures, a leader shouldn’t be alleged for any involvement in unethical practices. This is the reason our country suffers.


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