Alok Bhartia needs no introduction in the fraternity of travel bloggers, but the world may not know much about him. He was born in Singapore, on 27 October, 1987. His life was always full of travel, even when he was a kid.

Despite being born in Southern Malaysia, he achieved his academic qualifications from Calcutta. While his schooling was from Kendriya Vidyalaya Fort William, he received his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Calcutta.

The zeal to explore new places and his lust of adrenaline rush persuaded him to travel. The stereotypical notion of school-college-job-death was never his cup of tea, and he realized it after having a stint in the white-collar job industry. He was the Chief Editor for ‘Travel Saathi’, a website to meet and befriend fellow people on the journey, but the monotonicity and corporate hamster wheel could not cage his inside calling.

alok bhartia

The turning point of his life was the trip to Mansarovar Lake. The serenity and unparalleled beauty of Mother Nature made him find the biggest treasure of life: his own true self. It dawned upon him that such experiences can never be enough and travel is the answer to the long-pending question of life’s purpose. After that one trip, he embarked on Osho’s quote: “There’s no greater ecstasy than to know who you are” on his soul and dedicated his life to exploring the globe.

Alok Bhartia’s work life has involved multiple ventures with various companies. He has been the Vice-Chairman of a group called Alok Bhartia Resorts. These resorts are spread across 16 cities globally. In 2014, Alok Bhartia was appointed as the Chairman and CEO of Voyager&Co, a travel-based company. With his experience and hard work, he made the company achieve great heights. When he was asked about his future aspirations, he said that the Alok Bhartia name would only be growing in near future and he expects to manage two new ventures under his name.

While he was setting up his companies and travelling the world, love found its place in his life. He married Garima three years ago and he has found a travel buddy in a life partner. is his version of a diary where he writes about his experiences. With great expertise and experience under his belt, the website picked up traction earlier than Alok’s expectations. Now people and frequent travelers refer to his website to make their trip, a memorable journey. Cuisines, scenic places and pro-tips can be harnessed from his blogs.

Today, he is the founder of a non-profit startup, Alok Bhartia Travels in Bangalore. Since the initiation of this company in 2016, he has a team of over 40 passionate travelers who have travelled with him pan India. He helps organize trips for people and also indulges them in a conversation about the key aspects of their destination. Since Alok started travelling for himself, 5 years ago, he has covered three different continents, six countries and discovered over 16 different cuisines. He is often found munching something and can never say no to French food.



  1. After reading the blogs of Alok Bhartia and especially the Osho’s quote: “There’s no greater ecstasy than to know who you are”. Great fan of Mr Alok Bhartia. Love the way you are and how you start your journey as a traveler.


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