Lufthansa Airlines Airhostess

32-year-old Anissia Batra, who worked as an air hostess in Lufthansa Airlines has reportedly jumped from a terrace and died. According to an ANI report, Anissia’s family had alleged that she was tortured ever since she got married to her husband Mayank Singhvi. They have further alleged that Mayank was an alcoholic who often beat her up and demand money.

Anissia’s father, who is a retired Major General, had filed a complaint with the police. Major Gen (Retd) RS Batra alleged torture by her husband and in-laws. It is reportedly stated in the complaint that if she had physically harmed herself, her husband and his parents should be held responsible.

Anissia resided with her husband Mayank Singhvi in South Delhi’s Panchsheel Park after getting married to him on February 23, 2016. The family has also accused that Singhvi had kept his previous marriage and the divorce secretive. Anissia Batra’s brother Karan Batra said she contacted them just before she died and asked them not to spare Mayank, and that he is responsible for her loss of life.

In a TOI artcle, Singhvis’ neighbor Amar Pal Kohli claimed that the couple used to have frequent fights, due to which Anissia had also lived separately from Mayank. Amar Pal Kohli. Anissia’s 67-year-old mother Neelam had also alleged that  Mayank had thrashed her black and blue on the second day of their honeymoon.

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