The Ambani family tree: A journey to the life of billionaires

The Ambani family tree begins with the pillar, Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani, also known as Dhirubhai Ambani. He is the main man behind the legacy that the family owns. Born in a ModhBaniya family on December 28, 1932, he was the second child of Hirachand Gordhanbhai Ambani (father) and Jamunaben Hirachand Ambani (mother).

Dhirubhai Ambani spent his childhood in his birthplace, Chorward, Junagadh in Gujarat. He was raised along with his siblings — sister: Trilochanaben, and brothers: Ramnikbhai, Jasuben and Natubhai. Although he showed little interest in formal education in his childhood, he grew up to be a hardworking, intelligent and tenacious young man.
However, as a teenager, he reflected the skills in retailing, selling oil and setting up fritters stalls. He used to spend his earning to help his impoverished family. Despite being an average student academically, Dhirubhai Ambani displayed exceptional leadership expertise. At the age of 16, he showed an avid interest in socialism and politics, and envisioned a progressive India.

Complete Ambani Family

However, due to the financial crisis of his family and failing of health of his father, Dhirubhai Ambani had to give up his education and political interests. Besides, he had to set off to Aden in search of work. He started working as a clerk with A. Besse& Co, in Aden.
This became the first step of Dhirubhai towards his brighter future. Under the guidance of people from different nationalities, he learnt about currency trading. Soon he discovered about his natural flair for speculative trading.

As time grew, so did his dreams. Returning back to India, he started out as a trader from the little experience he acquired from the middle-east. He began by exporting spices and importing polyester fabric. Later, Reliance Commercial Corporation was born and the trading began under this name.

Known for his hard work, Dhirubhai took his business where it is today. The business tycoon believed in taking risks and increasing profits. In 1955, the entrepreneur got married to Kokilaben and started his family.

The magnate became a father of four – sons: Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani, and daughters: Nina Ambani and Dipti Ambani. Both his sons, Mukesh and Anil are at present the most influential members of the Ambani family tree.

Mukesh & Anil Ambani with Dhirubhai Ambani

The elder daughter Nina Ambani got married to Bhadrashyam Kotharia and is currently a Chairperson of Kothari Sugars and Chemicals Ltd. Besides, she is also a mother of two – daughter, Nayantara (Married) and son, Arjun B Kothari.

Her husband, Bhadrashyam Kotharia passed away on February 22, 2015.
Whereas, the younger daughter,Dipti Ambani got married to Dattaraj Salgaocar and is a homemaker. She is also a mother of two, daughter IshikaSalgaocar (Married) and son, VikramSalgaocar. Her husband,Dattaraj Salgaocar is the owner and Managing Director of V.M.Salgaocar Group of Companies. The company mainly deals in iron ore mining, coal mining and wind energy.

Founded by Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)was handed over to his sons, Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani. Dhirubhai Ambani made this decision after his first stroke, in 1986. However, it was at the age of 69 that he died due to a major stroke, on July 6, 2002.

Both the brothers, Mukesh and Anil were managing the company well, when in November 2004 the elder brother admitted having differences with his brother over ownership issues. It was in 2005 when the Reliance Industries Limited was demerged between both the brothers.

Dhirubhai Ambani with Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, born on April 19, 1957, became the owner of Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. He had been a part of Reliance from a very early age. Moreover, he also withdrew his MBA from Stanford University to help his father in the business.

In 1985, Mukesh Ambani tied knots with Nita Dalal (now, NitaAmbani), a graduate in Commerce. She is the founder and chairperson of the CSR arm of Reliance Industries, Reliance Foundation. Both of them became proud parents to three children – son, Anant Ambani, Akash Ambaniand daughter, Isha Ambani.

Anil Ambani, on the other hand, became the Chairman of the conglomerate, Reliance ADA Group (Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group). Born on June 4, 1959, the business magnate has been the part of Reliance since he completed his masters from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1991, Anil Ambani got married to the former Bollywood actress, Tina Munim (now, Tina Ambani). She is three roles in one, that is, actor, activist, and a philanthropist. At present, she Chairperson of Reliance Group, Mumbai-based KokilabenDhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Harmony for Silvers Foundation, and Harmony Art Foundation.

Anil Ambani and Tina Ambani became parents of media shy sons, Jai Anmol Ambani and Jai Anshul Ambani. The elder son, Anmol Ambani became the part of the family business and joined Reliance Capital in 2014. In September 2017, he became the Executive Director of the company in the Annual Greet Meeting (AGM).

The foundation of Reliance, which was commenced by Dhirubhai Ambani, currently in the hands of the young generation of the clan. Moreover, under the supervision of this third generation of the Ambani family tree, the Reliance business is immensely thriving.

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