patients psychology affects the results of surgery

Several people in this world remain clueless about what happens in the operation theatre. This becomes one of the reasons for the discomfort that a patient feels before a surgery.

Dr Ashwani Maichand

Dr Ashwani Maichand, a leading orthopedist in Delhi, says that several patients face a similar disease and are operated similarly. In most of the cases, even the follow ups and medicines are same. Yet, while some recover fully, others are not satisfied.

Why is it so? Is it mere luck?

The major reason for different outcomes is the psychological condition of the patients. It is believed that for a surgical patient, care matters way more than the technical details of the procedure.

Dr Maichand highlighted that the mental condition of patients play a crucial role in the satisfaction that they feel after the surgery. While some remain extremely happy about it and remember it for years, others complain even after a successful surgery.

Despite going through a similar problem, every patient reports to have a different experience of a surgery. This depends on their mental condition. A number of patients feel a sort of anxiety and depression, which is either due to the pain they go through or the financial burden on the family.

Before the surgery, a lot of people share different things with the patients. Sometimes they get in touch with negative people, who may share their bad experience of the past. This creates further problems and a negative impact on the mental condition of the patient.

Dr Ashwani Maichand says that along with the family of the patient, a surgeon can play a significant role. He must give sufficient time to the patient and satisfy the patient completely. He/she must carefully listen to the patient and his problems.

It’s a responsibility of the surgeon to explain the patient in detail about the disease and the operation. There should be a transparency, where a patient completely knows about the surgery, follow-ups, as well as the recovery program.

A surgeon must put all efforts to bring the patient out of the negative frame of mind. Dr Maichand is of an opinion that until the negativity of the patient is changed into positivity, the surgery must not be conducted. This is because a patient when operated with a negative mind-set never gets satisfied.


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