‘The International Achievement Award for Quality & Business Excellence 2018’ was awarded to Dr Batra’s Multi-Specialty Homeopathy. The three-day multi-sector forum award ceremony took place in Hotel Rome Cavalieri in Rome, Italy.

Multiple international brands from across the globe were also presented with awards for their exceptional work.

Homeopathy, which in itself is a vast field of study, has been largely unorganized in India. Dr Batra’s Multi-Specialty Homeopathy has done an exceptional work in this field and brought to light the positive impact of homeopathic medicine in India and abroad. The organization has played a major role in organizing the sector with its strict medical protocols. A not-so-old brand, it employs over 400 doctors and is progressing towards building a more stable homeopathic healing platform. It has so far treated more than 1.5 million patients.

After receiving the award, Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dr Batra’s Group of Companies, said, “Through awards like the International Achievement Award for Quality and Business Excellence, India is being recognized on the international stage. Dr Batra’s Multi-Specialty continues to popularize homeopathy globally in over 225 clinics across 130 cities in India, UK, UAE, Bahrain and Bangladesh. We are happy that the science of Homeopathy is getting recognition internationally.” He is also a recipient of Padma Shri Award.

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