Foreign language learning is easier said than done. Add the monotony of tuitions and school/college/office hours in the schedule, aspirant tends to lose interest. As a result, they cram instead of learning and ultimately, lose interest and opt out. In an attempt to keep the aspirant engaged, inlingua New Delhi, a language learning institute, employs a comprehensive approach for improved learning.

All the languages consist of their own unique grammar rules and punctuation intricacies. Aspirants often tend to choose rote learning and while it helps to clear short term exams, it doesn’t develop language prowess. Language experts at inlingua New Delhi expressed that word games like Scrabble, Pictionary and ‘Spot the Object’ have improved the students’ grasping power. The idea here is to inculcate fun activities with learning so as to replace cramming with memorizing.

Ms Anushree, an instructor at inlingua New Delhi, said, “Keeping fun games in mind, the institute has dedicated one day per week for informal discussions. Group discussion and ‘Just A Minute’ sessions encourage students to talk in their new language. After all, you could learn all the details, but speaking the language reveals the practical side of theory.”

However, learning confined to a classroom is never enough to learn something as artistic as a foreign language. Keeping that in mind, the language learning institute has introduced ‘inlingua Online Learning’ (iOL). It consists of assignments and worksheets for speaking, listening, writing and listening. Along with that, reference material, dictionary and institute videos are also accessible by the student.

The institute also has the provision of virtual classroom for the aspirants with a dynamic schedule. This way, students can stay in sync with classroom learning via their phones.

Social media has a substantial share of time in the daily life of aspirants. This made the institute devise an innovative way to blend learning in it with the help of Mylingua, a Facebook community for the institute’s students. On a daily basis, teachers post different grammatical and reading questions for better understanding of the language. This helps the students practice regularly, identify their weaknesses and clear doubts effectively.

inlingua New Delhi’s innovative approach towards language learning is what sets them apart from other institutes and makes them a preferred choice of learning.


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