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Kukreja Hospital | Delhi

Delhi is gearing up for what is speculated to be one of the most promising winters since 2011. While it may bring a sigh of relief for people fed up with the capital’s warm temperatures, it continues to be a nightmare for those with weak immune systems. Having said that, here are a few tips by doctors at Kukreja Hospital, Rajouri Garden highlighting the best ways to fight against the most possible diseases:-

Painful Joints

Though there is no evidence of deterioration in joint pains due to cold, people have often complained about the same. Apart from that, new injuries either hurt more or hide in plain sight.

Hot water bottle is arguably the best way to treat old injuries as well as surgery-inserted rod. Furthermore, it is recommended to keep the physical activity quotient high, but remember: “No Pain, No Gain” isn’t the best way to go every time.

Cold hands and feet

This one is prominent, but comparatively less harmful. People with a weak immune system may observe their finger colors changing to blue or white depending upon the reaction with blood vessels. It may feel like a tingling sensation or worst case scenario, spasm.
While medication is easily available, it is advised to avoid caffeine and smoking in order to keep the symptoms at bay.

Throat Infection

One of the most common conditions, it is caused due to a viral, or temperature fluctuations. In case of instant relief or absence of a doctor, lemon water mixed with honey or lukewarm salt water gargles are known to be the best remedies.

It is highly recommended to consult a doctor and take adequate medications if the pain is accompanied by fever.


Winters are a nightmare for asthma patients. Heavy winds or even high fan speed can trigger situations like shortness of breath. Keep a spare inhaler and prescribed medicines in your pocket/purse whenever you go out.

Doctors at Kukreja Hospital recommend ear muffs or pollution masks for protection against winds and dust respectively.


Flu is a threatening condition for people with weak immunity. Diabetic individuals, pregnant women and aged people (65+) need to be more conscious of the preventive measures.
The elderly as well as long-term illness people are treated with a quadrivalent vaccine via injection. On the other hand, kids between the age group 2 to 16 are given a similar vaccine in the form of a nasal spray.

Apart from these conditions, one must cover their body with as many layers as they are comfortable with. Fruit quantity can be increased along with exercise and sound sleep as an attempt to improve the immune system. So Delhiites, take the aforementioned precautions, stay aware, and enjoy a disease-free winter season.


  1. Delhi, in terms of pollution, is trash. Even if you don’t have a weak immune system, follow these guidelines. They might just save you from a major disease.


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