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The recent news surfaced officially confirming the partnership of Amobee, and Oracle Data Cloud officially, to initiate third-party data across programmatic and social media platforms. Amobee, an established global digital marketing company, announced expansion of their operations by collaborating with Oracle Data Cloud. Their mutual efforts would make Amobee the first company to activate third-party data.

Spread across varied programmatic, and social media platforms, it will provide un-deterred activation across channels. “Amobee is bridging programmatic and social channels by giving advertisers visibility across the walled gardens and allowing them to efficiently control their cross-channel audience strategy while maintaining full privacy compliance,” said Johnny Horgan, Senior Vice President of Social Sales & Partnerships at Amobee. “Our work with Oracle Data Cloud allows brands and agencies to minimize waste and deliver consistent, measured messaging to consumers.”

The partnership will give an access to the marketers to offline purchase transaction data sets through Oracle Data Cloud, and through Amobee being the intermediary, the data sets will reach across social and other digital media channels. This would help cost-cutting, and better audience performance visibility. Analyzing the impact of cross-channel media mixes, Amobee’s platform would help optimize campaigns, and online strategy outcomes.

Referring to Hill City Gap Inc, a brand that currently avails the services Kayla Glanville, the Head of Growth said “Hill City leverages Amobee’s collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud to connect the dots between two of the largest customer touchpoints: social and programmatic. This agreement helps us make informed, resonant marketing decisions that benefit our community and our business.”

How will the third party data set work?

The Oracle Data Cloud will provide Amobee clients the offline transactional data, which the firm runs through its data management systems. The ads will be visible through social media platforms along with Amobee demand inflicted platforms. This will help marketers gain an insight into how online ads interact with traffic, and the firm can supplement changes accordingly. This can help accelerate the overall sales of the firm.

“We’re proud to work with an innovative company like Amobee to implement new and different ways to help marketers thoughtfully reach desired audiences,” said Patrick Jones, GVP and GM of Partnerships, at Oracle Data Cloud. “Our agreement with Amobee is one of the first to allow for tailored activation of the highest quality segments across digital. By optimizing the use of third-party data, marketers can more effectively reach their target customers and improve performance.”

About Amobee

Amobee is a technology company that transforms the way brands, and agencies make marketing decisions. Known as one of the largest autonomous marketing firms, Amobee brings together specific programmatic channels which also includes social media, to provide leading edge data management, and research with copyrighted audience information.  Using AI as a leverage to automate everyday tasks, Amobee data scientist brought together collective set of algorithms to make more accurate, and timely predications ultimately driving performance along with ROI.

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