Salman F Rahman News, Salman F Rahman Contribution

Salman F Rahman, the private sector industry and investment advisor to Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina, recently met Hiroyasu Izumi, Japan’s ambassador to Bangladesh. The agenda of the meeting primarily involved the discussion about trade and economy as the Japanese government aims at strengthening bilateral relations.
The Japanese proposition was shared by Salman F Rahman, where he expressed during the meeting that Japan-Bangladesh share a long-lasting relationship in terms of diplomacy and economy. As an investment advisor, Rahman stated his belief of Japan’s pivotal role in terms of Blue economy, based on Bangladesh’s marine resources.

Salman F Rahman News, Salman F Rahman ContributionWith the help of collective efforts, both the countries stand to mutually benefit each other on a local and national scale. The advisor further articulated the special attention devoted to the ties between the two countries by Sheikh Hasina.
On that note, the Japanese ambassador highlighted the country’s dedication towards Bangladeshi development and said, “We have talked the investment plans of Japan here in Bangladesh in various infrastructural developments. Japan has decided to invest in several mega infrastructural projects at the two special economic zones in Narayanganj and Chattogram.”
The Rahman-Izumi meeting ended on a note of commitment of working closely in the future for relationship development. However, the success quotient of the same can be attributed to another meeting of the Japanese ambassador to Bangladesh in the successive week. Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, the industries minister of Bangladesh, met with Izumi to shed light on the automobile industry and the Bangladeshi consumers’ confidence on Japanese cars.
This international interest comes after the multiple measures taken by the government to improve the ease of doing business quotient in Bangladesh, thereby attracting foreign investment. Some of the steps include legal reforms, improved intra-government coordination, and increased accessibility for potential investors. And the amendments have begun to bear fruitful results, considering the recent meet of Salman F Rahman with UAE officials showcasing investment interest.
With Salman F Rahman in an important policy role, influx of foreign investment in Bangladesh is likely to move in the right direction. The infrastructure, industry sales, and technological advancements will follow. With abundant labor available in Bangladesh and an export-oriented industrialization approach towards economy, there is a vast scope of opportunities in its home-grown companies and businesses.


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