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Ranjita Raman

With more and more women breaking through the glass ceilings, society’s perception of women has changed drastically over the years. One such visionary who epitomizes the idea of an unconventional and strong woman is Ranjita Raman.

Ranjita Raman
Ranjita Raman

Currently the Director of Jaro Education, she is a frontrunner in the ed-tech market and has been associated with the institution for over 12 years. Ranjita Raman pursued a bachelor’s in fashion from NIFT, followed by an MBA in marketing management.

Owing to her sheer commitment, hard work, and persistence, Ranjita’s career has soared from an executive position to the director level at the mere age of 33.

“What helped me was how much these values were integral to my nature. While the groundwork for even the smallest task at hand was ‘giving it the best’ and ‘being a life-long learner’, success wasn’t far,” said Ranjita Raman, the proud winner of Young Achiever Award.

Ranjita Raman journey to success has not been all plain sailing, without any obstacles. However, her passion and determination towards work outweighed all the challenges she faced in her journey. She admits her career growth to have been bolstered by her driven mind-set, along with the right organization that provided an equal and fair platform to women.

“Be it getting married or having a baby, maintaining a balance is easy when you have a passion that drives you. I believe ambition should always win over the challenges, which kept me determined and focused,” Ranjita Raman added.

Fortunately, Ranjita belongs to a family that always believed in gender equality and supported her in her career growth. She mentioned that her father was extremely encouraging in her decision to move to Mumbai and build a career when she was initially starting off her career back in 2007.

A piece of advice that the director of Jaro Education shared with the dreamers and aspirants is to strive for improving a little bit every day. “Success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey in itself. Every step takes you closer to success, so it’s important you make it count,” she said.


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