The ‘guard’ that protects homes, farmhouses and businesses from ‘machine birds’ could disrupt the market.

Most surveillance drones can easily bought in today’s date from local and online marketplaces and can have telephoto lenses installed to engage in any form of spying activities in the enveloping atmosphere.

With the recent up rise in drone usage, private individuals need to keep away from any sort of illegal surveillance by UAVs, which could essentially lead to trespassing in their private spaces – be it a residential home, a farmhouse or any other private establishment for commercial purposes.

Bharat Aero, a Delhi-based airspace security solution provider has anti-drone systems for private establishments with technologies that the ability to detect multiple security breach scenario, whilst countering any drone intrusions through deterrence.

The company has launched a unique platform to cater to such individuals with anti-drone systems which precisely neutralizes the navigation system of intruding UAVs in private properties and establishments through jamming and spoofing.

Drones pose a potential risk to trespass the personal airspace of private property owners.

Backed by venture investment in millions, Bharat Aero has been tapping into the tribe of VHNIs and UHNIs in India- which had Rs 1,53,00,000 crore worth of assets as of 2017, and a high investment exposure in luxury real estate.

The rise in the number of wealthy Indians and their affluence is expected to provide a thrust to Bharat Aero’s market expansion ambitions as the number of UHNIs in India has been growing at CAGR of 10 percent since 2017.

In the five years between 2013 to 2018 alone, UHNIs in India grew by 118 percent, while Knight Frank have forecasted a further growth of 37 percent over in the coming 5 years India- beating both the global as well as regional average. In 2018 alone, the number is UHNIs in India grew by 39 percent.

At a time where the drone protection market is limited to the defense based operations, Bharat Aero is targeting a revenue of 400 million in the next 3 years by penetrating and disrupting into the non-government segment. The company is currently in the process of delivering 70+ customized orders from private players.

“Our anti-drone technology for private establishments is based on providing a simple and effective solution. With our recent development around miniaturization of technology to be installed in habitats, workplaces and businesses.” a Bharat Aero spokesperson stated.

In today’s time, privacy concerns of individuals and commercial businesses can often be violated with advanced technologies being used to acquire and use critical information about people and businesses. The formation of an inverse relationship between the ubiquity of smart technology and personal privacy has led to the requirement of advanced security solutions in residential and commercial real estate.


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