If you are looking to get media attention for your business, writing a fruitful press release is the key to success. Here are a few tips that will help you in enhancing your essential skills to write an effective press release.

Write about a story which is not usual 

Most of us get easily attract to the stories which are not accustomed, or we haven’t heard before. Before you write any press release, think about the things you love to read. Every time, even before you begin writing your press release, believe about that is the story you are writing is it ‘new’ in any way? Are there any unusual things about it? Why would one read this story? If you are writing your press releases after posing these questions to yourself, then you are writing a fruitful press release.

Write amazing titles 

Most of the journalists get several emails per day, and it is always good to label your press release with ‘press release’ with a great subject line. While the journalists will take just a few seconds in deciding whether to go through your press release or not, it becomes essential to for your press release to have a good title and with the excellent subject line. Don’t miss out on this!

Fix the first line of your press release to be the best line

After the journalist opens your mail, if he/she finds your first line not attracting them, it is very likely that they may nor read any further. Therefore, the first line should be the top line of the of your press release. Try to wind up all the story in 15-20 words of your opening line. Journalists are trained to get as many as ‘W’s’ in the first line of the story. You can easily find it in the daily newspapers.

Be Succinct 

The ideal length of your press release should be a maximum of 400 words, including a few short paragraphs and quotes. Ignore putting the background information of your business in the opening paragraph. This should always be included at the end of the press release. If you are using statistics or figures, using subheadings and bullet points can make the information easy to digest.

Use quotes 

Use quotes, “not to provide information, but to provide insight” just like we did it here. The quotes should be like a person is talking, instead of an informative one with a technical word. This helps journalists a lot.

While writing a press release, you should aim high while being realistic. Most of the journalists get a considerable number of press releases. It might take a few attempts to get coverage for your business in a press release. Do not give it up attitude is the key to success.


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