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In a bid to make customer experience smooth by offering highly secured IoT solutions, the American Tech giant Microsoft announced new capabilities. The corporation will also better its cloud platform Azure. According to Microsoft, these latest features will help the large customer base of the company to enjoy IoT as a technological strategy to move towards a better business environment.

The rapid promotion of IoT has enabled companies across the world to use cloud intelligence to the forefront. It has been impactful in creating solutions that are environment-adaptive. No less than 41.6 billion devices (smartphones, smart home appliances, etc.) will become internet-connected in the next 3 years. Microsoft’s report states that most of the companies using IoT technology will experience some sorts of security risks.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to building a trusted, easy-to-use platform that allows our customers and partners to build seamless, smart, and secure solutions regardless of where they are in the IoT journey. That’s why we are investing $5B in IoT and intelligent edge, a technology that is accelerating ubiquitous computing and bringing unparalleled opportunity across industries,” said Sam George, CVP of Azure IoT at Microsoft.

For making IoT a smooth technology to use, IoT Central was launched by the company. The app is expected to provide high standard of solution building along with intense internal security. API support is given to the app users for making it easier to interact with other solutions such as operations, data querying, device modeling, etc. Instant connectivity will be assured by IoT plug and support.

The smart features of Azure IoT Hub will assist developing partners manage operation costs. With some very important advancements in the Azure Maps, customers and companies would be able to add geospatial weather information into their internal applications to use weather-based routing. They can also target their marketing strategies according to the weather.

Using Microsoft services would be more secure and knotted with high level of privacy with these new capabilities.

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