Nutrition Campaign Survey

Good nutrition habits during childhood set the tone and patterns for lifelong health and wellness of children. A well-balanced diet allows children to reach their full growth potential, perform well at academics and maintain their energy level. One of the leading school chains in India, Ryan International School understands this and takes appropriate steps to ensure that the nutritional requirements of Ryanites are well met.

As part of its parent- social advisory initiative and in a bid to raise awareness and educate the parents, teachers, and students about the importance of a healthy body and mind for school kids, Ryan International School recently organized a Nutrition Week Campaign. The initiative aimed at engaging with the students and parents in a better way, through the use of social media.

During the Nutrition Week Campaign #EarlyStartToHealthyLife initiated by Ryan International School, Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija conducted a Facebook and YouTube Live session to connect with parents, teachers, and students. Makhija explained the importance of healthy eating habits and a balanced diet for growing kids and provided tips for working mothers to ensure proper nutrition for their children.

Nutrition Survey Week

The pediatric nutritionist also answered the questions raised by the parents — how to make healthy food interesting and tasty for their kids, dos and don’ts for leading a healthy and nutritious life at an early stage, as well as food for lactose-intolerant children. She also emphasized upon healthy eating habits for adults, since children’s choice of food is often influenced by the food items consumed by the adults around them.

Apart from the Facebook and YouTube Live session, Ryan International School also organized a recipe submission contest for the parents. The contest provided the parents with an opportunity to showcase their cooking skills, by submitting healthy recipes on anyone the three themes — After School Munch, Exam Time Munch, and Kids Friendly Juices. The shortlisted recipes will be featured on the school blog. Also, the winners of the contest were gifted an exclusive copy of Eat Delete Junior by celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija.

The Ryan Group also associated with food artist Sonam Jain, who replicated a healthy and nutritious version of Ryan International School logo. The logo was created using healthy ingredients – nachni uttapam, wheat-based pizza bread, homemade tomato sauce, garnished with bell peppers, and peas. Sonam Jain also shared her DIY food art videos, aimed at making healthy food visually appealing to the kids.

Keeping true to its objective – creating awareness of healthy nutrition and guiding parents on giving their children an early start to a healthy life, the Nutrition Week Campaign also included a Nutrition Survey via Ryan Parent App. The survey assessed the nutritional choices made by kids and their parents, through simple questions about children’s eating habits, sleep patterns, and physical activity.

The Nutrition Week Campaign received a great response from parents and students alike. While the Facebook Live session conducted by nutritionist Pooja Makhija proved to be of great help to working parents struggling to maintain a healthy diet for their children and themselves, the recipe submission contest brought out the ‘hidden culinary expert’ in them.

Students, on the other hand, benefitted through the exchange of information that took place between the nutritionist and parents during the Nutrition Week Campaign by Ryan International School.


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