ACSG Corp becomes the OEM partner for Bharat Aero’s drone deterrence technology

Bharat Aero, one of the major asset protection companies, has planned to share its studies on Electromagnetic Waves’ impact on drones and sky security exclusively through ACSG Corp as its OEM Partner. The company recently applied a new patent application for the research and exploration on the selective jamming of drones with the aim of evolving critical infrastructure security.

Bharat Aero is more of a research and development company that has chosen ACSG Corp as an OEM partner, to introduce its latest technology in the market. The company is dedicated to provide sky security to critical infrastructure through research and development techniques. It has focused on simulation and prototyping in its experimentation on various frequencies of Electromagnetic Waves to understand the working and movement of drones.

The next generation of automated and technologically niche drone detection mechanization is aggrandized with deep research and studies by some of India’s highly advanced minds in the fields of scientific discoveries which gives it an edge over the market.

“Our team has been working on the subject for a long time to find the facts of EMW and its relationship with drone movement. We have found and gathered crucial data points through our deep study on the subject,” said a senior official of the company.

About Bharat Aero:

Under the visionary leadership of time –served scientists and technology masters, Bharat Aero has been a prominent face in the club of research and development organizations in India. The company believes in ethical and secured environment under which every organization with critical infrastructure can develop freely, without the pressure of critical security breaches. It has continuously been a part of research based projects and though its long term learning developed security solutions in the arena.

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