It is unlikely that you will find a brand or a company issuing a press release every day. It depends upon the product or service, stock price or any other development relating to a firm, which is newsworthy to send out press releases.

If you have a business, shooting out press releases for every newsworthy event that has happened to the specific journalists that cover related niche-specific news is highly advisable. While issuing a press release, you must keep in mind that it should get public as soon as possible.

There are two types of press releases that you can focus on:

  1. Event Press Release

It is issued while promoting an event and it is always advised to release as far in advance as possible, while keeping follow up a week, a couple of days before, and the same day of the event.

  1. Branding Press Release

Press Releases issued for the purpose of branding and positioning usually cover topics that are trending news story. The said PR usually ends up in getting news coverage but also satisfies the SEO purpose.

Apart from these above-mentioned purpose backward PRs, different companies have different PR requirements.

If your company is a small or medium enterprise, then you will only have occasional big news for your press release. When you only have those few opportunities, use these PRs to get Tier1 press coverage online.

If your enterprise is large or publicly traded, then you need to issue a press release at least one in a quarter while keeping in mind that there is a risk of spamming the newsroom if you over boost your PR.

Last but not least, the purpose of shooting your PR is to get editorial coverage on some of the leading digital portals so that it doesn’t get lost on Google SERP.






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