RR Holdings and India Oil Corp

In last week of June 2020, RR Holdings signed an agreement with India Oil Corp on setting up a large LPG terminal at a deep-water port in Bangladesh. The news received a lot of coverage by regional and international media. Under the agreement, RR Holdings’ subsidiary Beximco LPG formed a joint venture with the Indian Oil Corporation to acquire Beximco Group’s existing LPG assets and to market cooking gas in the northeast part of India. The deal is a milestone by nature.

The company however is in operation since 2012. Ahmed Shayan Fazlur Rahman and Ahmed Shahryar Rahman are founders & directors of RR Holdings. Under a concrete vision, the company drastically grew over the few years. At the moment it has 32 subsidiaries and has operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and British Virgin Islands.

RR Holdings is a conglomerate with operations and investments in many industries. Currently it has investments on oil and gas sector, power sector and on textiles sector. It is also the parent company of Beximco LPG which is engaged in bulk sourcing, cylinder manufacturing and import of LPG in Bangladesh. To facilitate the whole process, the company has also developed infrastructure for storage of LPG and bottling plant facilities.

All of RR Holdings’ manufacturing plants are state-of-the-art. The apparel sector of RR Holdings employs over 40,000 people across the world. It serves some of the world’s best known brands. The list includes Tommy Hilfiger, Walmart, Calvin Klein, Macys, H&M, JC Penney and Zara.

In the international arena, RR Holdings has become synonymous to innovation and quality. The reputation is however is still growing. The top management, Ahmed Shayan Fazlur Rahman and Ahmed Shahryar Rahman, plan to make the company a global brand.


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