Why IPL 2020 will be different than the previous seasons uae

IPL 2020 or the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League is going to be a lot different than usual, but exciting in many ways. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, several changes have taken place in the setup of such tournaments. As the Indian cricket festival is all set to get underway, watch out for these fascinating facts:

  1. Change is the name of the game: IPL is an Indian product and there are plenty of reasons to host the tournament in the country of its origin. However, the Covid-19 pandemic struck at the wrong time and the 13th edition of the marque league was shifted to UAE and postponed by about six months. While it may sound boring to play the IPL in UAE, the possible absence of fans hardly makes it the talking point. Get ready to watch your favorite players searching for cricket balls in the empty stands and relive the childhood memories.
  2. A game of spectators inside empty stadiums: Cricket is the game of spectators, and it may sound boring without the noise in the background. But, all is not gloom, as the broadcasters have been utilizing technology to generate artificial noise, keeping the spectators watching at home pretty much involved in the game. While you may miss the noise of Chinnaswamy and Eden Gardens, you’ll surely have a new experience to relish.
  3. New season with new celebrations: As the new season of IPL gets underway, the players won’t be able to celebrate the way they used to do. Considering the pandemic situation, the players will avoid certain celebrations that could go against the precautionary measures. So, get ready to watch some new and exciting celebrations, as the players are too smart to miss out on an opportunity to innovative.
  4. The trouble of Bio-Bubble: Players will be required to follow all the SOPs to be able to play the game. The social distancing protocols will be in place, along with other safety measures. Regular testing will be done to prevent the spread of Covid-19. A new, albeit an unwanted addition to the game of cricket. As they say, every challenge comes with its own benefits. The bio-secure bubble will ensure that the players will gel together even more and you may get to see some amazing Instagram uploads.
  5. The Dream 11 IPL: This year, the title sponsor of Indian Premier League has changed from Vivo, a smartphone company to Dream 11, a fantasy mobile app. The Mumbai-based company was incepted in 2008 and it has come leaps and bounds to become the title sponsor of arguably the world’s biggest T20 league. So, buckle up for a new season with a new sponsor and fresh energy.


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