why ms dhoni is silent on covid 19

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, almost every celebrity has taken it to their social media to talk about covid-19 whether it is with regards to mental health or their day to day lives during the lockdown period. For them, with fame comes the inevitable trolls and pressure from public as well as media. Legendary cricketer MS Dhoni is one of the very few celebrities who are quite inactive on social media and have not talked about covid-19 throughout the nationwide lockdown.

With the news of Dhoni’s retirement making the headlines in the recent times, speculations on him have risen. Talking about why the former Indian cricket captain has had no virtual presence on social media during the lockdown, his wife Sakshi Dhoni, during an Instagram live video with Chennai Super King’s official handle, said that he has had pressure to post videos on coronavirus, but he didn’t. “Because you know, if your PM has said something then you should jolly well follow it. Nobody is bigger than your PM right now in the country,” she added sarcastically.

MS Dhoni silent on covid 19

Despite being silent virtually, he has remained active in his philanthropic works. Soon after covid-19 broke out rapidly across the country, he donated around Rs 1 lakh to the Mukul Madhav Foundation via the crowd-funding website Ketto to help 100 families in Pune tackle the pandemic. Unfortunately, it has garnered more criticism than praise, with netizens saying that he is worth over Rs 800 crore and 1 lakh Rs donation is meagre compared to how much he earns. Amid Dhoni being at the receiving end of endless trolling, Sakshi took to Twitter and wrote, “I request all media houses to stop carrying out false news at sensitive times like these!”

Not the kind of person to shy away from responsibilities, Dhoni, even though, has not talked about covid-19 in his social media handle nor has he done any commercial endorsements amid the pandemic, he has been engaging in something else. Apparently, he has instead been busy with organic farming and is planning to launch his own environmental friendly fertilisers soon.


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