coronavirus a biological weapon created by China

Covid 19 pandemic has led to severe damage across the globe. While the whole world is taking preventive measures against the widespread respiratory disease, the origin country of Covid 19, i.e., China, initially recorded the first Covid 19 patient in the city of Wuhan. The country was able to contain the virus within the same city and also keep the matter away from the media. Nothing of the sort was reported to the UN.

coronavirus a biological weapon by China

Conspiracy theories around the pandemic had started emerging soon after the disease was declared a pandemic by the UN. Mentioned below are the reasons as to why the world thinks that Covid 19 is a biological weapon made by China:

Delayed Report to UN

Allegedly, the first case of Covid 19 came in September 2019, however, the disease was reported to the UN on 31st December, 2019. It is suspected that China tried to hold back the news of Covid 19 from reaching other countries or the UN. Had the first case been reported to the UN, the pandemic could’ve been averted.

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History of China with Pandemics

1855: The Third Plague

The bubonic plague that started in China spread across the world, claiming over 15 million lives. It was initially spread by fleas during a mining boom in Yunnan, China. The symptoms include swollen lymph nodes (which can grow as big as chicken eggs). These can grow in the groin, armpit or neck. They may be tender and warm. Other symptoms include fever, chills, headache, fatigue and muscle aches. The pandemic lasted for 105 years and ended in 1960 when the cases dropped below a couple hundred.

Cases of the same disease are still reported each year and are given immediate medical care and treated with a high dosage of strong antibiotics.

1957: Asian Flu

Asian flu originated in Hong Kong and spread throughout China within days. The flu became widespread in over 6 months and claimed over 1.1 million deaths reported globally. Approximately, 116,000 deaths were reported in the United States. A vaccine was later developed which effectively helped in containing the pandemic.

2003: SARS

SARS was identified in the year 2003. However, the disease had already spread several months before it was reported. The disease is believed to have started with bats which spread to cats and later infected humans in China. In total, 26 countries were affected, infecting over 8,096 people with a death toll of 774.

The symptoms are dry cough, fever, respiratory problems, head and body ache. The disease spreads through respiratory droplets from sneezing and coughing.

2019: Covid 19

WHO announced Covid 19 a pandemic after barreling through 114 countries in only three months and infecting over 118,000 people.

Symptoms of this disease are similar to SARs which also spreads through droplets from sneezes. This disease can lead to pneumonia and in many cases, death. The first case was reported on 17th November 2019 by China. However, the new strain went unnoticed. Later, Dr. Li Wenliang went against the government’s orders and notified other doctors by releasing safety information. The doctor died of the virus in just over a month.

Till date, there is no vaccine available. The virus has spread to more than 163 countries and claimed millions of lives. The only defense against the virus is maintaining a 6 feet distance, wearing masks, washing hands up to elbows, limiting travelling and getting quarantined if anyone develops any symptom.

Prediction of Covid 19

1981 ‘The Eyes of Darkness’

The Eyes of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz eerily predicts the coronavirus outbreak. Published 1981, the book has a passage that several readers began to point out soon after the virus outbreak. The plot of the book is based on a mother whose son disappears on a camping trip in China, more specifically, Wuhan. Dombey, a character in the book, narrates an account of the virus, ‘Wuhan-400’. According to the story in the book, the virus was said to be developed outside the city of Wuhan at RDNA lab. The passage goes on to give intricate details on how this virus affects the human body.

1981 The Eyes of Darkness

The resemblance between Wuhan-400 and coronavirus is not only scary but the accuracy of the prediction in a 1981 book is eerie, to say the least.

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The Simpsons

A popular show, The Simpsons, is loved for many reasons. The animated show is also quite famous for predicting several events that happened to be true. From predicting 9/11 attacks to Donald Trump’s presidency, the show is almost like an animated arm of Les Prophéties. Soon after the coronavirus outbreak, many people started pointing out the prediction that The Simpsons made about the virus in an episode aired in 1993.

The Chinese Cover-Up

Shortly after the wind of coronavirus outbreak was picked up by the global media, speculations of China’s communist government covering up the news of the outbreak and hiding the real number of the infected were also made. The attempts of the insiders and eight doctors to warn the public were suppressed by the Chinese Government. This was not only alarming but didn’t help their cause either.

The Big ‘?’

There are numerous speculations of Covid 19 being a biological weapon that have surfaced ever since the virus was declared a pandemic. However, director general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, says, “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic.” Sometimes these claims have been able to flourish because the virus is so new that scientists simply do not have hard enough evidence and corroborated research to dismiss them. So, here lies the big question – Is Covid 19 a bioweapon created by China or did it evolve naturally?


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