Reema Jain Named As Vodafone

Vodafone Idea announced the appointment of Reema Jain as its new Chief Digital Officer. Jain will be responsible for digital strategy, execution and adoption across the company and will report to the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ravinder Takkar.

Jain has 19 years of work experience under her belt in IT Strategy, Technology Delivery, Digital Solutions, Operational Excellence and ERP. She worked with General Electric (GE) as an Oracle Technology Leader before joining Unilever.

At Unilever, she was the head of IT, delivering digital solutions for Vodafone’s global supply chain operations. Jain also held the positions of IT Director-Digital Integration and IT Director-Application Management during her time there.

The recent months have not been kind to Vodafone Idea. The telecom operator’s performance has been less than stellar, lagging behind competitors like Jio and Airtel. To add fuel to the fire, the top ranks of the echelon have also called it quits with ex-CTO Vishant Vora, former legal head Kumar Das, ex-Chief Technology Security Officer (CTSO) Amit Pradhan and ex-Brand Officer Kavita Nair, all making their exits.

To offset the loss of key personnel, Vodafone Idea has been on the lookout for new talent, roping in the services of experienced professionals. Recent appointments include Jagbir Singh as the new CTO, Vivek Jain as Executive Vice-President of Marketing, Mathan Babu Kasilingam as Executive Vice-President of Technology and Security and Manish Sansi as the Chief Legal Officer.

Reema Jain is the latest addition to the prolific team and it will be interesting to see how the company moves forward under new management. The task at hand will be of course to cut-back its losses and regain subscribers while playing catch-up with its two biggest rivals in the industry. Vodafone Idea’s plan to focus on the broadband business might pay off but it is too early to tell. Only time will tell if Vodafone Idea had the right people at the helm.

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