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The mood in the country seems to have transformed into one of exuberance and good cheer as the festive season arrives. Although people remain pensive about the coronavirus, the gradual re-opening of all activities is a welcome change. Modi Builders, understand the importance the festive season has in the lives of our clientele. Keeping this in mind, Modi Builders have decided to unveil our first ever referral offer for our loyal customers.

Modi Builders values the trust our customers have kept in us. Modi Builders have, therefore, decided to come up with an offer that not only benefits our clients, but also strengthens the relationship we have. Our first ever referral offer covers nine of our premium projects across Hyderabad. These include Sterling Heights, Lotus Homes, Emerald Heights, Edifice, Paradise, Elegance, Golden County, Pinewood Homes and Serene Park.

Out of the nine projects covered under this offer, eight are premium apartment projects and the remaining, a luxury villa. These projects are spread out all over Hyderabad, in some of the best neighborhoods, with multiple locational advantages. The referral offers entail a Rs. 12,500 gift voucher for any of our customers who refer their friends and family to our Pinewood Homes project and a Rs. 25,000 gift voucher for customers who refer any of the remaining eight projects.

All of our nine projects come with the best amenities a home can offer. Club houses, gymnasium, guest accommodations, indoor sports facilities, swimming pools, conference rooms and landscaped gardens are available in all the projects. These facilities guarantee that our clients will never want for more. Moreover, designated playgrounds for children are also available along with 24×7 backup power for emergencies and air-tight security measures. The projects are also self-contained to facilitate secure living spaces.

Our clients know with absolute certainty that the services that Modi Builders offer are on par with the very best. We, at Modi Builders, do not compromise on quality and ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our offerings. That being said, the referral offer comes with certain terms and conditions and can be withdrawn or subjected to changes. However, the terms and conditions or for that matter, if any changes are to be made, rest assured that Modi Builders always have your best interests at heart. At Modi Builders, what you see, is what you get.

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