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Biological warfare is not a novel concept of the 21st century. Historical texts and discoveries have alluded to biological warfare being used in the antiquity by mankind. Of course, the technique of delivery has evolved since then but the objective remains the same.

Hittite texts of 1500-1200 BC record instances where victims of tularemia or rabbit fever, were driven to enemy lands. Medieval sources are rife with stories of infected corpses or excrement being flung over castle wars in the hopes of depleting the defenders. There is plenty of evidence when it comes to biological warfare being used by states to weaken their enemies, which therefore begs the questions: Is the COVID-19 a bioweapon or a natural occurrence?

COVID-19 pandemic – Misfortune for some, opportunities for many

The COVID pandemic that swept across the globe in early 2020 has virtually upended mankind’s progress. As the death toll increased, many began to question the origins of the deadly virus. In the absence of a clear-cut answer, many theories have emerged over the virus’s “man-made origins”. This has added more fuel to the fire as people begin to speculate over which country is responsible for it.

Although scientists have published their findings and shut down theories regarding COVID’s man-made nature, one can’t help but ask – What if? However, scientist have stated that the alleged genetically engineered sequences found in the virus can be found in other organisms as well. The sequences that the now-withdrawn preprint uploaded on bioRxiv point towards is too short to provide any credibility to the theory according to scientists.

Experts also cite its evolutionary history as concrete proof that it is not a man-made bioweapon. Its genetic tree is identical to other coronaviruses found in wild bats and pangolins – both known carriers of debilitating diseases. Scientists also strongly assert that the tools required to engineer such a virus do not exist presently.

That being said, one cannot help but wonder if this is all just one big cover-up. Technological advancements have made so many things possible today. If mankind can land on the moon, send probes to far flung planets, conduct experiments in space, it is not impossible to imagine that the technology could create genetically-modified bioweapons.

Maybe it was the result of a laboratory mishap; an experiment gone awry perhaps. Laboratory accidents are not unheard of. Perhaps, COVID-19 is the result of a botched experiment to study deadly viruses in a controlled environment. The Wuhan Institute of Virology was known to study bat coronaviruses and may have something to do with the whole ordeal, a fact strongly denied by its professors.

In the end, all we are left with are disjointed bits and pieces. Governments are known to strongly guard their secrets and any accidents would be covered-up without a trace. Maybe this is the case with COVID-19 too. Or maybe it is just Mother Nature’s way of letting us know who is in charge. The truth is, we do not have the slightest clue. Or do we?

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