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Google has laid out the issue of ‘zero day’ dangers to its Chrome program recently. According to the most recent report, since 2019, these hacks have expanded significantly. As indicated by Google, with the multi-facet Site Isolation, a single bug is “never” enough to do anything genuinely horrendous and the hackers would have to utilize various bugs to renderer this process, or get inside the Chrome program process or the actual OS.

Site Isolation offers an additional degree of safety against attacks from malicious websites. With the utilization of browser’s sandbox, the process of interaction becomes more challenging for suspicious websites to access or take data from user’s account on different websites.

“The process of site isolation includes placing the pages from various websites into different processes; each running in a sandbox that limits what the interaction is permitted to do. Through this, it becomes challenging for a malicious website to take information from different sites,” said Google.

According to Google’s definition, Site Isolation is carried out in the accompanying manner, “Cross-site documents are always put into a different process, whether the navigation is in the current tab, a new tab, or an iframe.” The security checks in Chrome can determine, identify and terminate a malicious rendering.

As a precautionary measure, Google has urged every user to keep their Chrome program updated as the bugs that were fixed still hold the potential to be targeted by the hackers.

The tech giant also said that it will take more measures to strengthen Site Isolation, keeping Android as its primary focus and will likewise add more layers of safety to make the browser shields stronger. An additional layer would make a single bug insufficient and the hackers would require different, chained bugs to cause any further harm.

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