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Every year on April 7, World Health Day is celebrated on the anniversary of World Health Organization’s founding, to draw attention to a specific health topic of global concern. This year, the WHO has urged us to reimagine our existence where clean air, water, air and food is accessible to all, and where economies are centered on wellbeing and prosperity.

According to a research, individuals with diabetes are two times more prone to fostering a heart-related issue since high levels of glucose can harm veins and the nerves that control the heart. For a country like India, this ought to be a disturbing component for two essential reasons. Firstly, a majority of diabetic individuals are not aware of it (undiscovered diabetes) and secondly, India has the biggest working populace that is right now managing serious pressure and ecological changes, both significant reasons for diabetes and heart disease.

“Fighting these evils is essential for a healthy life and what’s a better solution than our holistic ancient practice – Ayurveda. A plethora of studies have been conducted by the Ministry of Ayush that divulge how Ayurveda can be helpful in the prevention of diabetes and in turn, cardiovascular diseases,” said Dr Anand Dwivedi, Ayurvedacharya and Expert at Kapiva Academy of Ayurveda.

Keeping the brain, body and soul in balance, Ayurveda promises prevention instead of cure. It helps in maintaining health and well-being by emphasizing on diet, natural cures, meditation, breathing and exercise. It works as an alternative medicine system. It says that the entire universe is composed of five element i.e., air, water, space, earth, and fire. Some of the best Ayurvedic practices to help adults with diabetes and heart disease are as follows.

  1. Embracing sound dietary and way of life choices: Your food and way of life propensities directly affects your actual wellbeing. Thus, it is important to develop habits that keep you sound. Changes in food habits like eating more raw produces like fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains while gradually reducing the consumption of processed food can help in preventing heart diseases. Keeping an ideal/sound weight, avoiding liquor and tobacco, and so on, will help in battling heart diseases gradually.
  2. Yoga: Individuals who are physically fit are more vulnerable to insulin (the chemical that permits cells in your body to utilize glucose for energy), which deals with diabetes. Physical workout assists in controlling blood sugar levels, bringing down the risk of coronary illness. Hence, individual should spend 150 minutes every week for physical activities and Yoga. Aasana such as Surya Namaskars and Pranayama can help in keeping your pulse, blood glucose levels in check.
  3. Overseeing pressure: Stress is turning into a main source of heart diseases. For individuals exposed to continuous high stressors at workplace, it becomes crucial to contain anxiety levels. As per Ayurveda, meditation can help in overseeing and lowering pressure. Chanting and breathing activities can likewise help in decreasing your blood pressure.
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