Modi Government 8 Years

Service, good governance and welfare of the poor. Whenever someone asks me about what the Modi government has given the country in the last 8 years, this is my answer. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only introduced the country with revolutionary policy changes but has implemented them in an indigenous manner. He has proved that any policy change, no matter how efficient can only be successful if they are implemented while keeping in mind the unique social structure of the country. The citizens have been able to exploit the possibilities given to them to the maximum because the government not only initiates programs but remains proactive till the desired positive outcome is achieved.

The biggest achievement of the government is that any scheme is continuously monitored from the moment it is announced until it is implemented. We are also moving forward with all our nation-first policies. There was a time when planning, implementation, and inauguration were done on paper. Currently, monitoring is done at the lowest level from planning to implementation,

The government in the last 8 years had made sure the benefits of various schemes and programs reach the very last citizen of the country. It has shown the benefits of a government that can take risks and make crucial decisions without hesitation. 6.53 lakh primary schools have been built during the eight years of the Modi government. Universal education is now a reality. The New Education Policy will project the Indian education system as a world-class system increasing its credibility at a global level. It emphasises the importance of learning how to think critically and solve issues, how to be creative and interdisciplinary, and how to innovate, adapt, and absorb new material in unique and changing disciplines, rather than focusing just on the content.

The best way to develop and maximize our country’s rich talents and resources is by making education available to everyone for the good of the individual, society, and the world. Within a decade, India will have the largest number of young people worldwide, and providing them with high-quality educational opportunities will determine our country’s future.

The Modi Government was able to handle the Covid crisis with great competence. As of the time when I write this, over 193 crore 83 million doses of COVID vaccine have been administered across the country as part of the Nationwide Vaccination Drive. It is the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination programme, which began on January 16, 2021, and includes 3006 vaccine centres throughout the states and union territories. Coordinated and swift actions of the various government bodies were majorly responsible for the successful implementation of the management programs during the pandemic.

The Modi government has been able to give along-awaited closure to mammoth issues of the countries like the Ram Mandir – Babri Masjid case, article 370 and triple talaq to name a few. According to me issues like these act as major clogs to the machinery of the social, political and economic growth of any country. This yet again proves that good governance can resolve any issue, no matter how complicated with ease. Construction work in Kashi, the Mahabharata circuit, the Ramayana circuit, and the revival of Kedarnath and the Somnath, The Statue of Unity are reflections of the government’s dedication towards development. It also shows the sincerity towards the cultural values of the citizens of the country. The Modi government has inked significant accords relating to the North East. Previously, the North East was seen as a backward region isolated from the rest of the country. The Modi administration has also worked to integrate the northeast into the mainstream.

I will want to end by saying that the 8 years of the Modi government have been a journey of gradual and constant development. Each day has seen a new movement towards the development and upliftment of the citizens. It has made the people proud of the identity of being an Indian and has brought global recognition to the country.

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