By launching the New Smart Search Software, ACSG Corp is set to transform the way data gets filtered and consumed.

Owing to a massive pool of data existing on cloud today and in particular, that available in an unstructured form is often hard to access and segregate when the need arises. Thereby, in keeping with need to manage such data effectively, advanced mechanisms are being put in place now so as to optimize the data to maximum possible potential. ACSG Corp, a leading Critical Infrastructure Security company, introduces an exclusive software pertaining to this, as Smart Search.

Smart Search is primarily a text search tool, developed to achieve bulk data search swiftly. It facilitates searching to be done on structured and unstructured data set using various scripts and other methods. The USP of this advanced software is that it revolves around the domain itself as it’s core elements of functionality are domain-dependent.

Elaborating on the software and its application, Pankaj Kumar, President, ACSG Corp., was quoted as, “We have developed this software, considering the inadequacy of means available today for conducting extensive search on unstructured data out there in abundance. Some of its beneficial features that make it unique include domain customization, contextual search as it auto-tags files, in-depth entity extraction, sentiment analysis, audio files transcription (speech to text) and ability to tackle huge piles of unstructured data at once.”

The software performs some its core features on the basis of certain defined aspects which include indexing, wherein source of data is taken and then extracted to be later followed by further indexing done in Elastic Search, precisely on any unstructured data type. It also comprises of screen view, where user is enabled to create one dedicated screen for each of the respective indexes and third is accessibility, in which user permission is designated as per the control access and depends on the data type ingested. Kumar further added, “Our comprehensive software maintains a robust connectivity and API framework to allow users access to live data without the need to pre-load or create a data copy separately from the source data system. This framework includes connecting to various prominent file types (CSV, TXT, JSON, XML, etc.) and relational databases.”

This positively looks as the beginning of a significant change in pattern as to how unstructured data is absorbed by different entities. This cutting-age platform supports fuzzy matching, enabling end users to join data sets with non-exact matching attributes. Data ingested are inferred to identify formats, data elements, schemas, relationships and metadata. The platform is adept in providing visibility into the context and lineage of available data in a clear and accurate manner, establishing its immense utility value today.


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