Indian media is silent on burning issues

In the last few years, India has faced a number of challenges pertaining to various endeavors. While the people have battled hard to stay relevant and overcome the hurdles, certain elements have seemingly looked uninterested in the change of events. One such element is the media, which is considered to be the fourth pillar of a democracy. Interesting, most of the media houses have reported extensively about lesser issues and neglected burning issues like the sinking economy, questionable verdicts, anti-democratic laws, national security and now the coronavirus pandemic.

Sometimes, when you open the television at the prime time, it seems as if there is no Covid-19 pandemic, no one has intruded into our territory and India is doing pretty well with the economy and crime rate. However, in reality, it is the opposite. If the media were to highlight the real issues at this point of time, one may not be able to keep a track of all the problems. This certainly raises a big question on the credibility of the Indian media in a crisis situation.

The first and foremost question that must be asked to the Indian media is if it actually believes that an economy of -23 is not alarming and worth talking about? Is the growth of media houses (TRP) more important than the nation’s growth? Is national security only about one or two individuals? Are democratic rights and health issues not that important? Is loyalty to the master more important than the loyalty to the nation and its people? If we were to debate, the questionnaire would only turn longer and stronger. But, we cannot debate, since we are not qualified enough to shout and abuse on the national television. We cannot debate, because we are not too worried about the rich, but we care for the poor. We cannot debate, as we don’t talk about political parties, instead we talk about the nation.

One cannot deny that the stature of Indian media has gone down like a pack of cards. It has stooped so low that one would require a Genie to find its face. However, we need to ask ourselves if the national media is the only thing to blame? Before you get to the conclusion, just turn the clock back to the last week and recall what happened when you switched on your television at the prime time? Did you enjoy the bigotry, the noise and the actions you saw on the new channels or did you manage to change the channel or switch to another medium for the information or entertainment?

If you joined in the fun, then you have to share the blame. The only reason why these media channels are able to sustain with such content is the increase in viewership and TRP. The role of their political masters cannot be undermined, as the content is being controlled at all the levels.  But, it is important to assess ourselves, since the change starts from within and one cannot sell such things, which do not have any takers.

Abusing the anchors, talking bad about the channels and answering hatred with hatred is not the option. Boycotting media houses that spread hate and enmity is the right way forward to bring the train back on the track.


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