Hailing from Kolkata, Sneha Sharma is an Indian racing driver and professional pilot as well who competes in Formula 4 National Racing Championship. Her upbringing and education took place in Mumbai. Later, she moved to the USA and Malaysia to pursue flying training.

Sneha earned her flying and racing license before she received the license to drive. She faced numerous odds and went against her family, breaking all the societal stereotypes to chase her dreams.

While serving as a pilot with Indigo Airlines, she flew the Airbus 320 6 days a month. She dedicated the rest of the days to her dream career of becoming a Formula 4 racer. Sneha has participated in over 40 international races and with consistent efforts, today she’s known as the India’s fastest woman F4 racer.

Sneha Sharma

She was just 16 years old when she realized that racing with her friends on cycle and leading them was not just fun, but her voice of contemplation. She found a go-karting track in Powai, and completed the distance in less time in her first attempt. Keen to follow her passion, as a student Sneha began to spend her pocket money on improving her skills at the racing tracks. She also spent her free time at the Powai track and performing odd mechanic jobs.

Sneha, who used to love racing with her friends on a gear-equipped sports cycle, is now known as India’s fastest woman F4 racer. Interestingly, she divvies up her time now between her two loves: racing and flying.

Sneha Sharma image

After great performance among various city-level races, she was shortlisted by the national racing team. As of today, Sneha receives sponsorship for her racing career from several big organizations. She was also offered racing seats in Germany and Malaysia. In numerous categories, she has won many races, 6 race victories and 14 runners up positions. In 2019, Sharma also attempted to qualify for a W Series, but wasn’t able to make it beyond the evaluation day. Certainly, her success story is sure to inspire several young girls to never give up on their dreams in life.

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