In the last month, the Delhi government started its ambitious doorstep delivery service initiative to allow citizens to reach out to the government and its various departments from the comfort of their homes. The helpline number- 1076 (toll-free) has been started to give the citizens of Delhi the luxury of skipping the long queues in government offices in order to get their work done.

Although the doorstep delivery of public services scheme was launched in October 2018, the “faceless services” scheme, which covers only the Transport Department for now, was operationalized in August 2021.

How does it works

The Delhi government in collaboration with VFS Private Limited has set up 11 call centers in the 11 districts of the national capital which will operate with the helpline number 1076. Through this number, the citizens can avail information from any department of government regarding their requirements.

Services like verification, documentation, and instant online upload will be provided under this scheme. In case the procedure requires biometric identity verification, the equipment and system will be carried to the citizen’s doorstep and the scanned document will be uploaded to the system. Since it is a doorstep service, the government is charging Rs. 50 from the users and, in case of dissatisfaction, the citizen can file a formal complaint with the customer care.

The government has included 150 services under this scheme which will include caste certificate, address proof, income certificate, marriage certificate, RC of vehicles, RC address change, ownership transfer, driving license, old-age pension schemes, water and sewer connection, food department, Delhi Jal Board, labor department, E-District and transport services and so on.

A step to reduce corruption

The scheme is being launched to keep corruption at a minimum and do away with the bureaucratic red tape at every other level. Another problem that citizens face in government offices is wandering from one counter to another. Through this scheme, the government is trying to put an end to corruption, and people will not need to waste their time and energy to ensure timely completion of their work.

The government has planned to expand this scheme to deliver ration as well. If this initiative runs smoothly, citizens will be able to receive ration at their doorstep which will curb corruption considerably.

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