Setting your future goals? Enlisted are seven jobs that could disappear by 2030

A right career choice is a smart step for a bright future, filled with new hopes, aspirations and opportunities. As per a study done by Oxford University, 45 per cent of all current jobs will permanently disappear in the next ten years due to the rapid upgradation of technology leading to a minimal or negligible manpower. This advancement has improved people’s lives, but has also substituted majorly performed human activities.

Even before Covid-19 game into the picture, there were many jobs that were already on the way out. Before setting your career goals, check this list of seven such jobs that may disappear in the next ten years.

  • Drivers – The advanced automation techniques have led to the launch of electric or self-driven cars and trucks, thus, affecting the jobs of taxi drivers, truck drivers and bus drivers. Elon Musk’s next generation Tesla cars are 100 per cent automatic and have already taken over the automobile industry.
  • Cashiers – Self checkout stations and online portals like Amazon have a 24/7 easy access to all genres of consumer requirements with zero human involvement. Everything that is bought is automatically deducted from credit or debit cards. Contactless payments and cryptocurrencies have become prominent aspects of the society.
  • Travel Agents – Travel websites have allowed people to self-plan their getaways. Hotel, flight and train bookings are now a matter of just some clicks.
  • Parking enforcement workers – The advancement of drones and automatic ticket dispatcher machines have led to a gradual extinction of meter maids near the parking booths. Cameras and cashless transactions have made it easy to catch parking violators and deliver tickets.
  • Farmers – Wireless machinery operations have made end product delivery an easy task at the macro level. Plot measurements, weeding, sowing and harvesting can be done through specialized hardwares, drones or satellite images.
  • Printing press operator – Internet has taken over the entire traditional media. Newspapers, magazines and books are now considered old-school. E-books, live streaming on social media, news mobile applications are now the go-to sources to stay updated.
  • Telemarketers – Almost 99 per cent of the entire industry has been taken over by ads and automated calls that are specially constructed based on the information you have used on various social platforms.

For a bulletproof career choice, an inclination towards creative and interpersonal skills such as art, medicines etc., is much more advisable. Your future lies in your hands; choose a career that will propel you towards success.


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